General FAQ

Is GLA right for me?

GLA seeks curious and energetic students from around the world, who are eager to do community service, interact with people from different backgrounds, and learn about other cultures, histories and languages.

Am I eligible?

At GLA, we welcome age-eligible teens who are excited about the opportunity to travel to apply for one or more of our service-learning programs. However, GLA programs are not designed as therapy programs. Therefore, applicants with a significant history of chronic illnesses, acute psychiatric conditions, or some kinds of physical disability, as well as behavioral issues, may be subject to additional supporting application questions to determine eligibility for participating on a GLA program. The eligibility criteria are not intended to be exclusionary, but to honestly identify the fundamental elements of participation so that every participant may have a safe and life-enriching experience.

You can review all of GLA’s Essential Eligibility Criteria prior to applying to learn more.

Where do your students come from?

We have students from all over the world, across more than 25 countries in North America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.

Do I need to know another language?

English is the primary language spoken on all GLA programs. However, we welcome any student with the ability to comprehend English articles and converse in basic English to join. In fact, many students worldwide use the experience as an opportunity to practice their language skills. Because we value and respect every culture, we encourage students to share their native language and culture with the GLA family throughout the program. For some destinations, learning the local language is an integral part of the GLA experience.

Will I get high school credit?

Most GLA programs are available primarily to high school students, including incoming freshmen and outgoing seniors (including those who just graduated!). However, students’ ability to get academic credit varies from school to school. In instances where students can receive credit, GLA will attempt to work with the student in meeting his/her necessary requirements. However, due to the nature of GLA programming, it is not always possible.

Will attending a GLA program help me get into college?

After completing a GLA program, you’ll know yourself better and have lots to talk about in your college admissions essays. That’s what colleges look for in a successful applicant. GLA alumni have gone on to attend Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and other schools.

Can students earn college credit for participating in GLA?

Yes, it is possible to earn college credit for participating in GLA. Call us for more details at 1-858-771-0645.