GLA Essential Eligibility Criteria

Am I eligible to participate in a GLA program?

To Applicants & Prospective Program Participants:

At Global Leadership Adventures, we welcome age-eligible teens and young adults who are excited about the opportunity to travel to apply for one or more of our service-learning programs. However, GLA programs are not designed as therapy programs. Therefore, applicants with a significant history of chronic illnesses, acute psychiatric conditions, or some kinds of physical disability, as well as behavioral issues, may be subject to additional supporting application questions to determine eligibility for participating on a GLA program. The following eligibility criteria are not intended to be exclusionary, but to honestly identify the fundamental elements of participation so that every participant may have a safe and life-enriching experience.

Essential Eligibility Criteria:

In addition to abiding by the Code of Conduct, GLA Students are expected to meet the following Essential Eligibility Criteria. These criteria are not intended to be exclusionary, but to honestly identify the fundamental elements of participation so that every participant may have a safe and meaningful experience. Failure to meet Essential Eligibility Criteria, through non-disclosure or other, may also result in removal from the program. Please discuss with our team for any further clarification or concerns.

  • Navigate and travel independently from home to the program location site.
  • Independently manage daily personal care, including managing personal medications.
  • Cope with various environmental challenges (heat, cold, altitude, insects, change in diet, etc.).
  • For participants to engage in most program activities it is recommended they are able to walk unassisted distances over 1 mile, be able to lift items weighing 40 lbs, and follow detailed instructions to avoid hazards. Participants may choose to opt out of activities on most programs, in consultation with program staff and parents.
  • Effectively communicate to staff directly if they are under stress and needing assistance.
  • Able to exercise sound judgement in the absence of direct supervision.
  • Exhibit self-management techniques in relation to mental health and self-care while abroad. Techniques include the ability to proactively seek help from GLA staff, acknowledgement of being away from regularly scheduled mental health counseling, and the ability to self-administer ongoing medical treatment while away from their home support system.
  • Recognize risks and hazards presented by GLA staff in English during the program and comply with recommended preventive measures, while also maintaining a reasonable level of situational awareness appropriate to circumstances.
  • Be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to participation in a program. (*GLA may accept exemptions for religious or medical reasons on specific and pre-identified sessions of our U.S based programs only)

Each Student Must Be Able To:

  • Maintain a positive attitude and exhibit a willingness to try new things in a foreign environment and culture.
  • Show respect through speech and actions for the new culture and customs that they will encounter while on-program.
  • Abide by the GLA code of conduct and obey all local, national, and international laws while on the program.