GLA Alumni Community

The Next Chapter of Your Journey Begins at the End of Your GLA Program

The Global Leadership Adventures Alumni Community is a gathering place for former and returning students to stay engaged with GLA, our partner organizations in the communities that hosted you, and our shared mission to make a meaningful difference in the world. We also invite all age-eligible alumni to join us on another life-changing experience overseas!


Thousands of high school students have traveled with Global Leadership Adventures since our founding over 15 years ago.

We’re glad you were able to join us on the adventure.

At GLA, we believe our alumni are the cornerstone of our organization’s mission statement. To inspire the next generation to realize their potential to transform the world and our role in it.

Our alumni have gone on to found non-profits, do incredible work in their hometowns and around the world, and even return to the communities abroad that first hosted them to continue giving back in partnership with local leaders.

We’re proud of our model of partnering with communities on sustainable service projects, making sure it’s the community’s voice and vision for success that’s central to our time there. And we know our alumni chose GLA because we value our direct collaboration with local partners, and our international staff who back this approach day-in, day-out, 100%. We intentionally aren’t voluntourists. We’re learners. We’re out there learning, always.

For our alumni like you, we hope your GLA experience was the beginning of your own path toward college degrees, careers or life passions that consider how to make the world a better place.

Our longstanding personal relationships in every community that we travel to, and the continued commitment of our alumni, make Global Leadership Adventures the organization it is today.

Thank you. So much.

We hope you join us again another GLA experience if you can. And we invite you to stay in touch wherever the road may take you.

We Share Alumni Photos and Stories on Instagram

From the rugged peaks of the Andes to the bountiful coastlines of the Galapagos, every GLA destination is a snapshot of a life-changing experience abroad. Join us on Instagram and tag us @GLAteens to share your own GLA story.

Introducing the GLA Alumni Facebook Group

Connect with GLA alumni from around the world. Find old friends from your time overseas. Coordinate on projects together. Share your story. Share your impact.


Discover options and experiences available to you as GLA alumni.

1. RSVP for GLA’s Global Day of Service

Join us April 4, 2020 in San Diego, California. Special guest speaker Fred Swaniker – Time 100 recipient and GLA co-founder – will be there. And the event is free!

2. Pledge Community Service Hours toward our Global Day of Service

Even if you can’t make it to our event in-person, you can help us deliver on our mission by contributing community service hours toward our GDOS goal anywhere you are.

3. Host a GLA Open House

Alumni families are among our best advocates to encourage other teens in their community to travel and volunteer abroad. We’re flexible on dates/times if you’re willing to host, and you can even earn some special benefits if you sign up!

4. Join the GLA Ambassador Program

GLA alumni are invited to self-nominate to join the GLA Ambassador Program. It is a one-year initiative where you complete challenges and earn points. It’s also a great addition to your college applications or essays.

5. Encourage Friends or Siblings to Enroll in a GLA Program

Positive word-of-mouth is essential to our mission to inspire the next generation to realize their potential to transform the world and their role in it. If your friends or siblings fill out a program catalog request form on our website, we’d be happy to send them a free copy.

6. Leave a Review about your GLA Experience

We don’t host our own reviews page, because we want prospective students and their families to hear from alumni on independently operated review sites to share their experiences unhindered. If you have a story to share, we hope you’ll drop a review on GLA on any platform you prefer.

Considering returning for another GLA program in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Europe? Request our latest program catalog to receive a free copy!

The Global
Leadership Adventures
International Foundation

The Global Leadership Adventures International Foundation is a network of program alumni, staff, partners, friends and family who care deeply about creating positive change in our world.
Because GLA covers all overhead costs, 100% of every donation to our Foundation goes directly to important development work happening around the world.

Meet Our Gamechangers

Gamechangers are GLA alumni who have made an incredible impact after returning home from their program. Former students have gone on to start non-profits, travel back to their GLA host communities to continue their work abroad, or made a meaningful difference right in their hometowns! Click on names below to read their stories.

Interested in nominating yourself or someone you know to be a GLA Gamechanger?

Email with details about your game-changing GLA experience or your nominee’s post-program accomplishments to be considered for a Gamechangers story profile on the Global Leadership Adventures blog!

Global Leadership Adventures

If you want to travel again with GLA this spring break or summer, call us at 1-858-771-0645 or email us at

We will walk you through the simpler alumni enrollment process, help you find an incredible new program to experience, and share any special alumni offers that may be available to you depending on seasonal availability.