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At Global Leadership Adventures, we believe that travel and cross-cultural experiences are not only educationally enriching, they are crucial components of global citizenship and are the very best way to bring lessons learned in the classroom to life.

GLA Group Travel will work with you to create the perfect trip for your group with itineraries that provide an environment for members to learn, grow and challenge themselves.

While GLA programs are open for enrollment for any teen who wishes to enroll, our Group Travel programs are designed and facilitated exclusively for your group: for example, you can focus on maximizing community service hours, tailor the learning or leadership component to a specific theme or amp up the adventure. Take what you want more of and leave the rest!

GLA’s global partnerships span the globe. Our longstanding personal relationships in every community that we travel to, paired with years of experience bringing diverse groups abroad, allow for maximum customization, genuine cultural immersion and expert facilitation on the ground.


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Programs & Destinations

Global Leadership Adventures operates programs in locations around the world, throughout Africa, Asia & the Pacific, Latin America and Europe. We also offer itineraries in the United States for groups looking to travel domestically.

GLA Group Travel can design an itinerary for your group based on your:

  • Desired location
  • Desired dates and duration
  • Program goals
  • Student needs

Additionally, we provide the flexibility to customize the thematic focus of your program.

Need help choosing a destination? Simply choose any open enrollment GLA program from our website, and then contact us at 858-771-0645 to explore how you can adapt our pre-designed programs to suit your group’s needs.

Have another destination in-mind?

Through our extensive network of contacts, we can often build programs in other locations.

Do you have a contact?

We’re happy to be introduced and work something out!


Our Admissions and Programs experts can help you realize your dream of a special trip for your student group, from planning to booking and beyond!

Will GLA Work with My School or Student Group?

Meet Our Partners

We partner with many types of organizations and schools throughout the United States and beyond. Explore below to see examples of the types of itineraries and learning objectives we have facilitated in the past.

  • Public schools
  • Private schools
  • Charter schools
  • Title I Schools
  • International Baccalaureate Schools
  • International schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Home school networks
  • Churches and religious youth groups
  • NGOs and nonprofits
  • Clubs and organizations
  • Scouts
  • Clinical transition and academic programs
  • and more…

Contact GLA Custom Group Travel

Whether you know exactly where you want to go or are still not sure where to start, we can help. Call us at 858-771-0645 during office hours or email us at

We will walk you through the process, help find the best-fit program for your group, and send you sample itineraries and pricing to meet your group’s needs.


Check out this list of components to confirm what is included and not included with your GLA Troup Travel booking.

Testimonials from Past Participants and Staff

Check out these testimonials from past groups to hear what they had to say about their GLA  Group Travel experience!

“It really made a difference for the students. It lit a fire for them.”

-Susan A., Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School Group, New York

“From this experience I feel like I’m able to share more about my feelings and think more deeply about environmental issues. This trip has also made me more comfortable with public speaking and discussions in bigger groups.”

–Anonymous Student, Atmosphere Academy School Group, Florida

“The GLA staff were very welcoming, loving, positive and supportive. They were also firm, which is very essential amongst a group of teenagers. I really appreciate their work ethic.”

–Anonymous Teacher, Atmosphere Academy School Group, Costa Rica

“Before this trip I thought I was aware of how to work in a team. But after participating in all the activities during this program, I feel like my ability to work in a team has definitely gotten better.”

–Jeanmarlyn P., Atmosphere Academy School Group, Spain

“The GLA program made me want to go further in life, and inspired me to think of more ways to give back.”

–Warren S., Son of a Saint, Ghana

“Seeing everybody in our group take on leadership on this trip, and even taking on leadership myself, helped me understand fully what leadership is and how to bring it back with me in school.”

–Kimberly G., Atmosphere Academy School Group, Europe


Discover a series of detailed program itineraries from a variety of destinations that you may want to book for your student group.

Ready for More Info? Let’s Get Started!

1. Let’s chat!

Whether you know exactly what you’re in the market for or you’d like to explore the possibilities, we’re here to help! Our Groups Coordinator will walk you through the process as you collaborate to find the best fit program; we will send different itineraries and proposals, including pricing.

We aim for quick turnarounds and can accommodate deadlines that schools and groups need to present to decision makers and stakeholders.

2. Review, customize and approve the itinerary.

Together, we can come up with the right program. Once you feel satisfied, we will support you through your school or organization’s approval process.

3. Fundraise and recruit.

Your students or group may be fundraising and need a bit of time to raise money. We have thousands of families and students with fundraising experience! We’ll be happy to share our GLA Fundraising Kit and other helpful materials with you.

4. Deposit and enroll.

Whether each student is responsible for their own tuition, or your school or organization is funding this opportunity, we will have each participant create a private account through our application portal. Here, they will upload travel documents and all other pre-departure requirements.

5. Get ready to depart!

You and your Program Coordinator will work to get everything ready to go. Need passports? We can help with that! Looking for a group flight to accommodate everyone? We’ve got a great flight partner.

We will also provide a customized pre-departure resource site to answer all those nitty gritty details, including a packing list, program schedule and resources for travel documents such as passports and visas.


We’ll work with you to develop your preferred components for an intentionally designed educational travel experience for your group.

Sample Itineraries for Groups

Browse through itineraries that various types of groups have enjoyed in the past, including tried-and-true favorites that mirror our open enrollment program options!

You can also explore highly customized itineraries to meet very specific curriculum needs, locations or learning objectives.

Sample Itineraries: Tried-and-True Programs

Sample Itineraries: Bespoke Creations 


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