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Discover South America with GLA

Islands, mountains and jungles meet archaeological wonders, ancient cultures and a unique cast of wildlife. The continent’s twelve countries encompass every type of terrain, from remote glaciers to verdant jungles to islandscapes that appear to be from another planet. With most of its landmass south of the equator, South America’s night sky brings new constellations and a Milky Way bright enough to cast shadows on the ground below.

  • Volunteer against a breathtaking mountain scenery and a strong indigenous culture in Peru
  • Visit the rocky Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador where you’ll get up close and personal with the most diverse wildlife in the world.

A vibrant culture stems from a diverse set of traditions, a unique mix reflected not only in popular culture, but food, architecture, religion and music across the continent. From the Quechua communities in Peru to the Otavalos in northern Ecuador, indigenous communities continue to live a traditional way of life, keeping ancient traditions alive.

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