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Discover the United States with GLA

Abundant natural resources, indigenous communities with strong traditions being kept alive and
communities whose cultural landscapes are as diverse as their complex histories… Explore this land from Atlantic to Pacific and discover the cultural and natural tapestry that makes up the United States of America.

  • Visit one of the contiguous 48 states and experience the grandeur of America from coast-to-coast
  • Explore Alaska and discover why this great northern frontier is still a hot spot for global adventurers
  • Experience all the wonders of the majestic Pacific island chain of Hawaii has to offer
  • Go off the beaten path on-program in the District of Columbia and experience the U.S. capital city

Why choose a U.S. program?

There are an abundance of opportunities for discovery awaiting you within a single country. As one of the largest nations on Earth, stretching from the Atlantic to Pacific coasts all the way to the far reaches of Alaska and Hawaii, there are no two destinations in the United States that are quite the same.

If you are searching for a travel and immersion experience in North America, our USA travel programs are excellent options to consider. Iconic monuments, historical sites and cultural immersion are all on the agenda. You will also participate in a meaningful community service project during the duration of your program.

If you have a strong interest or curiosity about a particular region of the United States, whether your focus is on history, culture, arts, the environment or contemporary issues, you’ll walk away having had a life-changing travel experience.

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