Everything You Need to Begin Planning Your Journey with GLA

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The best way to find your favorite GLA program is to browse through our free, full-color program catalog. You can request a copy of the GLA catalog by filling out a super quick form. We will mail you a catalog, or you can opt to receive our digital version!

Looking for some financial assistance to make your GLA travel dream a reality? GLA offers financial aid through need-based scholarship. Click here to apply for financial aid, and be sure to get your application in before the deadline, as funds are limited.

The GLA Admissions Team has staffed and visited programs all around the world, and we’re here to help! From finding a great program that fits your schedule, to helping you enroll over the phone, to planning your travel needs, you’ll want to contact us. Simply call or text one of our Admissions Coordinators at 858-771-0645 during office hours, or email us at at your convenience.

Having a hard time imagining what the day-to-day experience on your GLA program of interest looks like? You can request a sample itinerary and view or download one of our program infosheets. While exact details may change, this gives you a close-up look at what each program looks like from arrival to departure.

If you want to speak with our Admissions Team, but want to schedule it in advance during a day and time that works best for you, we have you covered! Simply schedule a call with us and one of our expert Admissions Coordinators will be available with you during the scheduled time.

If you’re looking for some Global Leadership Adventures merch, you won’t want to miss our exclusive collection over at the GLA Store. While we’ll send you a GLA t-shirt after enrollment in your welcome kit, you can stock up on additional shirts, hoodies and other gear for your travel program ahead of time.

And finally, as soon as you’re ready, save your spot on your favorite GLA program here, or click the link in the banner below to enroll. Our most popular sessions begin to fill early, and many students end up waitlisted for their 1st choice program because they signed up too late, so act fast to secure your space!


Be sure to save your spot on your favorite program early before waitlists begin to form!