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Discover Africa with GLA

A vast and diverse continent awaits, teeming with the sights and sounds of daily life. Cultural landscapes spill out in front of a backdrop of a multitude of physical ones–vast savanna, rolling desert, mountain trails and southern sunsets await.

  • Explore issues of public health and education in the heart and soul of West Africa, among Ghana’s welcoming, passionate and peaceful people
  • Take in the peaceful foothills and bustling marketplaces of Morocco
  • Experience the contrast and diversity of South Africa while getting a glimpse into its unparalleled beauty

Home to 54 countries and thousands of cultures, and languages, Africa is about as diverse a continent as they come. Our programs span the four corners of the continent, from Morocco in the north, South Africa in the south,  Tanzania in the east and Ghana to the west. Smiling faces, enticing drum beats, and intoxicating spices invite you to explore Africa beyond your expectations!

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