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Discover Central America with GLA

From volcanic mountaintops to lush cloud forests and bountiful coastlines, Central America is so much more than the land bridge that connects North and South America. Comprised of seven small countries straddling the Pacific ocean and Caribbean sea, the land is generously populated with reptiles, birds and insects.

  • With the highest density of biodiversity of any country worldwide, Costa Rica offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities against a backdrop of pristine beaches, lush, quiet mountains, and close-knit villages
  • Work to improve education for Guatemalan children in a rural school and explore ancient archaeological ruins
  • Explore the diverse habitats, communities and cultures of Belize, where over half the population speak more than one language

Aside from Belize, Central America is a Spanish-speaking region, making it a top choice for students and travelers eager to immerse themselves in the language. It is also a popular region for first-time travelers from neighboring North America.

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