Apply to be a GLA Honors Fellow or Arts & Letters Fellow

The Fellowship application deadline has been extended through May 21, 2024.

Register for our Fellowship Webinar for Enrolled GLA Fellows Scheduled for May 23rd

For those enrolled in a GLA Fellowship, after receiving a notification that you have been accepted as a GLA Honors Fellow or Arts & Letters Fellow, you are invited to join us for a free informational webinar being hosted on Zoom on May 23, 2024 at 4:30pm PT (7:30pm ET). For those signed up for a Fellowship this summer, we will be discussing the ins and outs of what this will entail pre, during and post-program when you join us for this online information session. We hope to see you there!

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Fellowships are add-ons to your standard GLA summer program.

Fellowships provide academically and creatively gifted students like you the opportunity to expand upon your Global Leadership Adventures summer program experience with a curriculum that both highlights and recognizes your achievements.

Your Fellowship will consist of optional pre-program assignments and a required post-program final project.

The on-program portion of your Fellowship is designed to be intentionally minimal, so that you can focus on getting the most out of your summer program experience.

You must be enrolled in a GLA summer program or travel internship to participate in a Fellowship.

If you are not currently enrolled, you are still welcome to apply for a Fellowship first to see if you are accepted, prior to completing your enrollment in a program.

There is a competitive application process, and you must apply to be a GLA Honors Fellow or Arts & Letters Fellow via our online application.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, though the final deadline to apply is May 1, 2024 now May 21, 2024. You will be notified within soon after your application is submitted of your acceptance into your Fellowship of choice.

The Fellowship Fee is $500 and is due after acceptance as a GLA Fellow.

Once you are notified of your acceptance into your desired Fellowship, you’ll be notified by our team. The $500 Fellowship Fee will then automatically be added to your account. If you decide not to participate, you must let us know ASAP and we’ll remove the fee.

Applying to be a GLA Fellow is free!


Apply to be a GLA Honors Fellow or Arts & Letters Fellow by or before the deadline.


Choose between an Arts & Letters Fellowship or Honors Fellowship.

Whether you decide to be an Arts & Letters Fellow or Honors Fellow, you’ll be able to choose a concentration within your desired field.

Arts & Letters Fellows can choose from the following concentrations:

  • Creative Writing
  • Photography
  • Videography

Honors Fellows can select from these concentrations:

  • Animal & Wildlife Conservation
  • Community Development
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Medicine & Public Health

Final projects will be due post-program on September 15, 2024.

Honors Fellows must write a final essay at the conclusion of their Fellowship, while Arts & Letters Fellows will complete a creative final project.

Essays/projects will be reviewed on a rolling basis upon submission by our Fellowship Committee, and you will receive notification from our committee by or before January 15, 2025 if you met all requirements to receive your Fellowship Merits.

If you need an earlier review for college applications, please contact us in advance and we’ll do our best to accommodate your early final project review request!

A Note on Chat GPT:

While programs like Chat GPT are powerful tools and can be a big help in getting started, they have a time and a place: this is not one of them! Submissions that are suspected of being significantly generated by Chat GPT will be returned and the student will be given one opportunity to rewrite their essay. We want to hear your own ideas in your own phrasing. This is a great opportunity to stretch your skills and create something all your own, based on your own unique experiences and research.


When you successfully complete all Fellowship requirements you will receive:

A Certificate of Achievement

A Custom Metal Fellowship Pin

A Recommendation Letter from our Executive Director (upon request)

The title of Honors Fellow or Arts & Letters Fellow for your College Applications


Find out everything you need to know about becoming a GLA Honors Fellow.


Think of a Fellowship as an extension of your standard GLA program experience.

The heavy lifting mostly happens after your travel program this summer, with some optional (and recommended) pre-program Fellowship coursework to complete before your program as well.

Being a Fellow won’t interfere with your program experience.

Nor will it exclude you from any activities or excursions on your program – you can do it all! The only requirement to complete your Fellowship is to submit a quality final project after you return home from your program.

Fellows are typically high-achieving high school students.

If you’re the kind of student who wants to go that extra mile, is self-motivated to take on additional learning assignments before your program, champion skill-building or critical thinking on-program, and complete a creative final project or honors-level essay after your program, we encourage you to apply.

Your time commitment during any segment of the Fellowship is flexible.

Like any strong leadership immersion program, what you put into it will determine what you get out of it. There is no minimum number of hours you must invest to be a successful Fellow. Quality counts more than quantity!

Fellowships are 100% optional.

This is by design. Why? Because your GLA program is going to be a spectacular experience regardless. While you may gain something from joining as a Fellow, you’re not losing out on any part of your GLA program experience by not participating either.



Your $500 Fellowship Fee is added to your account after acceptance.

There is no application fee for the Fellowship though. Apply for free!


Discover all the finer details of being a GLA Arts & Letters Fellow.


Fellowships invite students to step up and learn to be leaders in their field of interest.

Beng a Fellow means being a leader. When you are accepted as a Fellow, you are making a conscious choice to be among the leaders in your program cohort.

There is no hand-holding during your Fellowship experience. You’ll be expected to complete the final project assigned to you, using only the materials and guidance provided.

A GLA staff member will touch base with you in the first couple of days after your arrival; feel free to bounce ideas off of them or get a feel for how your proposed thesis might come to life on the program.

However, it’s up to you to deliver, which is what makes this such an outstanding addition to your future college applications or essays!

We are here to help you get started on the right foot!

We will be holding an online information session in May that will prepare you for completing all of your Fellowship requirements. We’ll cover frequently asked questions, and provide guidance on how to be a Fellow in good standing.

Once you are accepted as a Fellow, you’ll receive your curriculum doc with every step clearly outlined from start to finish. You can also email our Fellowship support team if you have any further questions.

Check Out Fellowship final projects to see what you can expect…

Below, we have posted four final projects submitted by GLA Fellows who have successfully completed all Fellowship curriculum requirements.

Feel free to check them out so see what you can expect to produce as final honors essay at the end of your Fellowship experience.

If you’d like to see more examples of a final essay or creative project, please contact us at at your convenience.


Apply to be a GLA Honors Fellow or Arts & Letters Fellow by or before the deadline.