Life on Campus FAQ

What is the campus experience like on your travel programs?

GLA operates all travel programs under our proprietary Home Base model, with specialized lodging particular to each program experience.

Click here to learn more about the GLA Home Base.

Will male and female students live in the same facilities?

No. We always have gender segregated rooms.

Are there laundry facilities on site?

Laundry is not available on programs shorter than 14 days in length, so students are asked to pack accordingly. Each country has slightly different laundry facilities, but in general, students’ laundry will be done once a week on longer programs.

What if a parent needs to contact a student?

Parents are encouraged to contact their children via email. Parents will also have access to the 24/7 emergency phone number while your student is traveling and on a GLA program. One of our HQ staff will be available at all times to help you with any issue that should arise. Parents will also have access to our Director’s phone number in country in case of emergency.

Will students in the program be supervised?

Yes. We believe that supervision is important for student safety. We are proud of our experienced staff and both the policies and procedures we have in place for supervision. GLA policy is for no student to ever be by themselves at any point in time outside the established Home Base. Students may be with staff members, in groups or assigned to a buddy.

Do you have a safety and risk management plan?

Safety is a top priority. The primary goal of our experienced staff is the safety and welfare of the students. We take great pride in working to provide safe environments for students to explore these beautiful cultures and learn from one another. Upon acceptance into a GLA program, each student will receive a confirmation packet, which includes the GLA Safety Rules and Contract, or the Code of Conduct. This contract must be signed by each student and their parents, and returned with the final payment. All rules are designed to put  each student’s well-being first, while still giving them the freedom to make the most of their experiences. For more information, check out GLA’s 5-Point Safety System™.

Can you make dietary accommodations?

We try to accommodate our students’ dietary needs, such as providing vegetarian, no pork, no fish options, and are sensitive to the importance of retaining a vegetarian, Kosher or Halal diets. However, some needs may be difficult to accommodate, particularly when traveling. We encourage you to contact us if you have questions about specific dietary concerns.

Can you make religious accommodations?

While we strongly encourage students of all faiths to join Global Leadership Adventures and contribute to the diversity of the student body, students cannot skip any part of the program, except for medical reasons. That includes observance of the Sabbath or other religious holidays. Unfortunately, GLA programs are unable to provide avenues for worship, though we can accommodate some personal time on-campus for spiritual reflection.

Will student-athletes be able to prepare for fall sports?

We recognize the importance of athletic training for many students, particularly for those who are preparing for fall sports and for those whose sports contribute to their college admission prospects. Although the GLA experience will greatly contribute to students’ development in many ways, it is not a sports program and does not allow for serious training. Our schedule includes a modest amount of free time most days and the option for group sports several times per week. We generally use this time to expose interested and previously uninitiated students to popular local sports, such as soccer in Costa Rica or baseball in the Dominican Republic.

What is the policy for electronics and internet? (Phones, cameras, Wi-Fi, etc.)

GLA strives to create an environment that encourages students to unplug and forge connections between fellow students and the local community. Cell phones, electronics, and Wi-Fi access create distractions that affect students’ ability to be present and fully process their experience abroad. With that in mind, GLA has the following electronics and internet policies in place.

Cell Phones:
Cell phones, including pre-purchased data plans and talk, may be used only at times designated by staff. If cell phone use is causing a distraction, affecting the group dynamic, or is contributing to disrespectful or disengaged behavior, staff will limit access to phones and may confiscate phones or other electronic devices.

Use of phones and electronic devices will never be allowed during meals, Mentor groups, leadership workshops or group excursions and may be collected by staff during these times.

Internet / WiFi:
Internet / Wi-Fi will not be available at the Home Base for student use. It is reserved for staff use when planning program activities and for emergencies only.

Students are provided internet access once per week, sometimes via temporary WiFi access at Home Base or at a local internet café

Laptops, iPads, and expensive electronics are not conducive to travel and are not permitted on a GLA program.

GLA recommends that students bring a point-and-shoot camera separate from their cell phones. Cell phones may be used as cameras during designated times. DSLRs and expensive photography equipment are allowed; however, students will be responsible for the security of their equipment.

Do you offer homestays?

GLA offers homestay extensions on several of our Language Immersion programs. These homestay experiences are 100% optional and take place as an extension of the standard program experience. However, most GLA students stay at one or more Home Bases while on-program, not at traditional family-hosted homestays.