Health Insurance FAQ

Do the program fees include insurance? What does the insurance cover?

Yes, program’s fees include insurance coverage. The insurance policy covers each student from the moment he/she joins the group at the GLA destination airport or arrives on our campus, whichever comes first, and continues until the end of the program. The insurance policy includes secondary medical, travel, and accident insurance.

Full policy details will be sent to GLA students as part of their acceptance packet. If you would like more information about the insurance policy before applying, please email us.

What if a student has a medical problem during the program?

Our staff will immediately arrange a doctor’s visit, take the student to the nearest hospital, help fill his/her prescription, assist him/her in accessing qualified medical care, and do whatever is necessary to ensure that the student gets the medical attention he/she needs. The student will have to pay the medical expenses up front. The insurance provider will then reimburse any medical expenses, above the prescribed deductible amount, upon the student’s return home. We will supply each family with detailed information about our insurance policy and claim procedure. Families are encouraged to carefully review these materials and purchase additional insurance for the student, if they deem necessary.

What if a student takes medication regularly or has a pre-existing medical condition requiring special care?

Students are asked to bring an adequate supply of any prescription medication with them to the GLA destination. They are also asked to bring a copy of the original prescription and must include their physician’s contact information on the GLA medical form. A medical form is included in each student’s confirmation packet, and it is important that these forms are filled out accurately so that the staff is best prepared to deal with any medical issues that arise during the program.

If a medical issue arises during the trip, will the GLA staff keep parents informed?

Yes. Parents will be notified immediately of any medical issues that arise during the trip. If a serious medical problem prevents a student from completing the program, GLA will work with the student’s parents to determine the best course of action in sending the student home.

Do staff members know First Aid and CPR?

All GLA programs have an adequate number of staff certified in First Aid and CPR.