Travel FAQ

How do I get there?

You are welcome to purchase any flight that arrives in the destination country on the first day of the program within the arrival window provided to you by GLA staff post-enrollment. No matter what time you arrive – even if there is a flight delay – our staff will be there to pick you up at the airport. Once you enroll in a program, we will provide exact information about which airport to fly into and any restrictions in terms of arrival times.

Can I travel with other students?

For students coming from the USA who wish to fly together with other students, we offer suggested group flights for each program. This flight departs out of a US gateway city. This is not a chaperoned flight, but students can meet at this gateway and fly to the destination country together. Once you enroll in a program, we will provide the suggested group flight information to you.

Do I need a visa?

Whether or not a student needs a visa depends on his/her country of citizenship and chosen GLA destination. For more specific information, please consult:

All GLA students need passports valid for at least six months beyond the last day of the program and with at least one full empty page (to allow for an immigration stamp upon entry at the designated destination airport). US students can find information about renewing their passports at:

What should I pack?

We always suggest packing only the essentials. That includes any prescription medication or other daily necessities. Our student coordinators will provide a detailed packing list tailored to the specific program you are attending.

Do I need special health insurance?

All program fees include secondary medical insurance coverage. The insurance policy covers each student from the moment he/she joins the group at the GLA destination airport or arrives on our campus, whichever comes first, and continues until the end of the program. The insurance policy includes medical and evacuation insurance. Full policy details will be sent to GLA students as part of their acceptance packet.

What other medical information do I need to know?

GLA team members have implemented all necessary precautions to avoid diseases, including providing clean running water and hygienic surroundings. Although our home bases are located in regions that are relatively safe from diseases, we do recommend getting the latest region specific vaccines. In fact, some destinations require certain vaccinations to enter the country. In additional, all GLA programs have an adequate number of staff certified in First Aid and CPR.