Public Health & Medicine

Make an Impact on Community Health

Are you passionate about making a difference in the health of families living in remote areas of the world?
  • Fuel your passion for helping others lead healthier lives while working on projects that address medical & public health challenges
  • Discover the unique challenges of providing adequate medical care in rural communities while contributing to this cause
  • Build facilities that directly improve the health of the community
  • Learn what it’s like to be a doctor, nurse or global health worker in a developing country
  • Go beyond typical public health mission trips for teens, and compare the healthcare practices of the western world with traditional medicine from the region

Form real relationships with families who will benefit from the improvements you’ll make to community health and wellness.


Discover the complexities of providing adequate patient care and hygienic public facilities in the developing world.

Side 1 Dominican Republic GHI (1)

Join together with community partners and former Peace Corps volunteers and piece together how local investment in wellness projects benefits entire communities.

GLA Public Health & Medicine Programs

Bali GHI - 720 x 640

Land of Discovery™

Explore the intersection of modern medicine and indigenous wisdom as you lend a hand with community health projects.

DR GHI - 720 x 640
Dominican Republic

Global Health Initiative™

Provide medical, educational, and development support to rural Dominican communities – all crucial pieces of the public health puzzle.

Peru GHI - 720 x 640

Foundations of Global Health™

Work on public health campaigns for the residents of Peru’s stunning, yet challenging, Sacred Valley.

South Africa Health - 720 x 640
South Africa

Global Health & Advocacy Project™

Travel to rural South Africa, where you’ll help provide crucial health education to a community in a secluded village town.

DR Spring GHI - 720 x 640
Dominican Republic

Spring Break Global Health Initiative™

Meaningful service. Tropical countryside. This is spring break off the beaten path.

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