Photography & Journalism

Help Tell Their Story

Want to use your passion for photography or journalism to inspire change and share the stories of those living in remote communities?
  • Fuel your passion for storytelling though rich language and powerful imagery as you use your skills and develop new ones while supporting a developing community
  • Sharpen your photography and writing skills as you gain real-world experience in the field
  • Use your creativity as you work in unique ways to celebrate the differences and similarities of communities around the world
  • Work with experienced professionals and learn tricks of the trade that will empower you to use your passion for good
  • Visit locations of historic and cultural significance, and use your newfound writing and photography skills to capture places few young people ever experience

Discover how responsible storytelling and authentic photography play a role in the perception of developing countries and the people who live in them.

Contribute to cross-cultural understanding as you document life in rural and urban communities abroad.

Form relationships while working alongside NGOs and community groups who are making critical impacts in the region.

GLA Photography & Journalism Programs

Peru STL - 720 x 640

Service Through the Lens™

Experience Machu Picchu and beyond as you refine your photography skills and storytelling techniques.

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