Five Branches of Leadership

At Global Leadership Adventures, we believe leaders are made, not born.

LEADING like a great big tree OF PERSONAL GROWTH

The GLA Leadership Curriculum consists of the following five branches that are brought to life on every program through engaging discussions, role- plays and interactive activities tailored to each program.


Leadership is rooted in intention: desiring to contribute, bit by bit, to making this world a better place. Leaders recognize that in the tree of life, the strength of their roots —their values— determines the strength of the trunk, branches, leaves and fruit from year to year.


Leaders dare to go where others have fallen short. Armed with the humility to see the world as it is, and the audacity to imagine the world as it could be, leaders stand, planted firmly, against the winds and weathering of doubt.


Leadership thrives on long-term vision, imagination and active problem-solvIng. Leaders recognize potential where others see despair, creatively extending limbs and leaves toward light, in symmetry and balance.


Leadership is incomplete without action. Putting intention into practice, leaders push for their ideas to flower and bear fruit: results that defeat complacency, break through bureaucracy and challenge corruption.


Leaders know that complex problems are best solved collaboratively. They nurture lasting relationships and weave connections of meaning that others understand. Leaders do well by doing right by others, creating shade and refuge for all those who cross their paths.