Fiji: Marine Conservation Expedition™



Voyage to beautiful Fiji, where you’ll learn to protect its abundant ocean life and discover an ancient island culture.
  • Learn to collect data on marine biodiversity
  • Contribute to a critical coral restoration project
  • Help with ongoing research that will be used to establish new marine protected areas
  • Snorkel in a sacred hidden sea cave
  • Hike to a panoramic viewpoint of Fiji’s beautiful island chain

On This Program you will...

Dive into crystal blue water and discover the rich biodiversity of the South Pacific! Assist with marine ecology research and restoration projects while based on Nacula, a hilly volcanic island of Fiji. You’ll have the opportunity to live and breathe traditional Fijian culture and participate in marine-based service projects. Work actively to support marine conservation while learning more about the effects of climate change on this unique and delicate environment.

Your Adventure is Just Around the Corner!

Community Service

Fiji’s coastal ecology is threatened by external forces like climate change and overfishing. Learn about marine sustainability by working on an undersea data collection project. Plant mangroves to mitigate heavy coastal erosion, participate in coral restoration projects and promote sustainable use of sensitive ecological resources. Finally, spend time in the local villages presenting your findings to schoolchildren, elders and community leaders.

Immersive Learning

Fiji’s remoteness presents a way of life vastly different from many other parts of the world—every day is a chance to learn from its enchanting, community-based culture. You’ll have opportunities to watch and listen as ancient stories and legends unfold through song and dance. Visit the village markets and participate in a Lovo, a traditional feast cooked in the earth. Make jewelry using coconuts, try the steps of the traditional Meke dance, and pick up some conversational Fijian.


When you live on a remote island in the South Pacific, each day is a new adventure. Hike to Nacula’s highest point, where you‘ll take in the breathtaking 360-degree view of neighboring islands. During your downtime, launch kayaks off of the private beach at Home Base, and enjoy snorkeling nearly every day, including excursions to two world class locations: the famed Blue Lagoon, and the more hidden Sawa-i-Lau sea cave, a spot sacred to locals and regarded as the resting place of Ulutini, an ancient Fijian god.


Home Base in Fiji is a locally-owned lodge made up of renovated bungalows on the beach. Gather at an open-air common area for meals and evening sessions and enjoy living steps from the water. Students will share bungalows with three to four roommates and have access to ensuite bathrooms with Western style toilets and cold-water showers. Kayaks are also available at Home Base for students to use during downtime under staff supervision.

Dates & Tuition


Marine Conservation Expedition™

14-Day Program
2022 Dates
 June 13 – June 26, 2022
 June 29 – July 12, 2022
 July 15 – July 28, 2022
 July 31 – August 13, 2022
Duration: 14 days
Tuition: $3,999
Student/Staff Ratio: 8 to 1
Community Service Hours: 30
Language Hours: N/A

Tuition Includes All In-Country Expenses Including:

  • Airport pick-up/drop-off
  • In-country transportation
  • Lodging
  • 3 meals per day
  • Professional full-time staff and experts
  • 24/7 parent support hotline during the program
  • Secondary medical and evacuation insurance
  • Cultural activities, lectures and excursions
  • Pre-departure materials and support
  • Educational materials