Ocean & Climate Action

Advocate for our Oceans and the Natural World

Are you passionate about marine life and preserving the environment?
  • Do hands-on work to preserve the natural world and the communities who depend on its protection
  • Collect important biodiversity data to contribute to local research projects
  • Contribute to vital habitat restoration endeavors
  • Help to eliminate ocean contamination and its affect on local wildlife
  • Collaborate with experts on issues surrounding environmental protection

Lend a hand and build relationships with local organizations working to make change at the local and international level through environmental research and education.

Side 2 Fiji MCE

Get to know the local culture and traditions, and see first hand why the environment plays such a crucial role in the community.

girl and snorkeling

Explore local natural wonders, and experience the outdoors with breathtaking hikes and thrilling water activities!

GLA Community Development & Children Programs

Fiji MCE - 720 x 640

Marine Conservation Expedition™

Voyage to beautiful Fiji, where you’ll learn to protect its abundant ocean life and discover an ancient island culture.

Philippines - 720 x 640 (1)

Climate Action Island Adventure

Be an eco warrior in the Philippines, where rich culture and a welcoming community meets pristine natural beauty.

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