Life-changing Travel Programs for Teens in Africa, Asia, Europe & Latin America

Life-changing Travel Programs for Teens in Africa, Asia, Europe & Latin America Learn More

Volunteer and travel experiences for teens featuring leadership, community service, immersive learning & adventure. Enroll now for spring or summer 2020! Learn More

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Prepare yourself for the richest cross-cultural experience of your life on your upcoming Service Learning Adventure™. GLA crafts each program to be immersive and multidimensional by combining three key components: Community Service, Hands-on Learning and Adventure.

Servea Community

Global Leadership Adventures operates summer volunteer programs for high school students, exclusively in authentic, non-tourist communities. Through community service, teens will develop meaningful relationships with local people and make a significant impact.

Learnto Lead

GLA believes leaders are made, not born. The GLA experience gives high school students the opportunity to step up in a global context and face real challenges in partnership with the communities they are serving.

ExploreNew Paths

No summer is complete without adventure. Each country has its own treasures. Imagine exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, zip lining through the pristine rainforests of Costa Rica, or taking a safari in Tanzania.

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GLA believes leaders are made, not born

Service Learning Adventure™

Every GLA service trip is uniquely crafted

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The 5-Point Safety System is what truly sets us apart

Our Expert Staff

GLA staff are fun-loving, motivated, and seasoned leaders

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Partnerships pave the path to sustainable development

Volunteer abroad on our spring break & summer service trips for high school students

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The 5-Point Safety System™

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The GLA Community

Read our GLA Guatemala Community Impact Report

GLA's global mission is to inspire teens to realize their potential to transform the world and their role in it. Our high school student travel programs in Guatemala represent one way to begin this journey of transformation. Since the start of our service trips in the country, and with the guidance of our staff, GLA has sent hundreds of student ambassadors and volunteers to improve the lives of schoolchildren in Guatemalan communities, as well as their families and school staff.

“We realized that we could create something that reached so many more people”

London is a true example of how high school students and GLA alumni can make change through perseverance and initiative. London co-founded Living for Living, a social movement designed to “create a space where amazing minds from around the world can contribute to an intertwined community of global brainstorming.” She hopes others will take a chance on making their own ideas for improving living conditions a reality.