Animal & Wildlife Conservation

Stand Up for Animals In Need

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of animals?
  • Fuel your passion for animal care by working to protect threatened animals, their habitats and the people that depend on them
  • Collaborate with experts on issues surrounding animal & wildlife conservation
  • Spend time up-close and personal with elephants, giant tortoises, or rescue animals such as cats and dogs
  • Work side-by-side with your teen animal volunteer team as you help find homes for animals who have been injured or abandoned
  • Contribute to sustainable habitat projects that will help these animals to flourish
HERO Costa Rica ARP

Care for animals that have been injured and abandoned, or threatened by loss of their natural habitat.


Discover the role that sustainability plays in the long-term protection of these unique animals.


Form relationships while working alongside NGOs and community groups who are making a critical impact on conservation in the region.

GLA Animal & Wildlife Conservation Programs

Costa Rica ARP - 720 x 640
Costa Rica

Animal Rescue Project™

Rescue and rehabilitate animals in Costa Rica, a natural haven for both domestic and wild creatures.

Thailand ESP - 720 x 640

Elephants & Conservation Expedition™

Embrace Thai culture and support an organization working to provide wild elephants a safe corridor to fresh water.

Costa Rica STI - 720 x 640
Costa Rica

Sea Turtle Initiative™

Become a conservationist for Costa Rica’s sea turtles as you explore the unspoiled coast.

Galapagos - 720 x 640

Preserving Nature's Wonders™

Encounter different species of exotic island and marine life, many of them found nowhere else on Earth.

Hawaii - 720 x 640

Sea Turtle Marine Conservation™

Journey to tropical Hawaii, where you’ll learn to protect its abundant ocean life and discover that traditional Hawaiian culture is very much alive today.

CR Spring STI - 720 x 640
Costa Rica

Spring Break Sea Turtle Initiative™

Turn your passion for wildlife conservation into a spring break adventure you’ll never forget.

Thailand ESP - 720 x 640 (1)

Elephant Sanctuary Project™

Split your time between working with gentle Asian elephants and teaching English to children.

SA Safari - 720 x 640
South Africa

Safari Service Expedition™

Be on the front lines of animal conservation, and learn how to track, monitor and protect South Africa’s most majestic wild animals.

CR Middle School - 720 x 640
Costa Rica

Middle School Service Adventure

Choose your own adventure: work with Costa Rican children in local schools or help to protect the country’s incredible wildlife.

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