Our Expectations

Our mission at GLA is “to inspire the next generation to realize their potential to transform the world and their role in it.”

To that end, we expect GLA students to maintain high standards of personal behavior and to be open-minded. The culture will be different, sometimes shockingly so. GLA will challenge students as they are expected to work hard and really be present physically and mentally for all activities. They will get hot, dirty and bug bitten along the way, but their contribution will transform the community. The goal is for each student to return home with a life-changing experience.

GLA has a zero-tolerance policy toward drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and disruptive behavior. Those who violate or are suspected of violating this policy will be immediately dismissed from the program at the sole discretion of GLA staff.

GLA makes every effort to offer well-thought-out programs crafted for high school students and we do thorough planning. However, the descriptions in this catalog and itineraries are based on previous programs and plans for the coming year. Actual order of activities may vary by program session depending upon the needs of our local community partners, various celebrations and customs, and the weather. Occasionally, activities may be replaced by other activities.

GLA is not a therapeutic program. Our staff are highly skilled, professional, caring, and fun, but they are not licensed therapists. GLA programs can be physically and emotionally demanding, and applicants should be in good physical and mental health.