What Makes GLA a Uniquely Life-Changing Experience

Summer is a pivotal time in a teen’s growth and development, a chance to go beyond the classroom and discover new passions and people.

Global Leadership Adventures offers life-changing summer programs in 12 countries across the world.  Our focus is on developing leadership skills through volunteering in a community and culture very different from your own. GLA's transformational summer programs are different for a few reasons:

  1. GLA primarily operates in developing countries through Asia, Africa & Asia in cultures significantly different from the West in authentic, non-tourist communities.  High school students are challenged physically and mentally.  High school is a critical time, and it is through the challenges GLA presents that students return home transformed. They change their views of themselves, the community they served, and the world. We have also begun programs in Europe, in underserved communities that align with our core mission.

  2. GLA only work with high school students. Unlike other youth mission trips that accept teens, college students and adults, our programs are designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of high school students.  Our safety standards (The 5-Point Safety System™) and curriculum (The Service Learning Adventure™) are tailored to the growth and development of teens.

  3. GLA believes that leaders are made and not born. Leadership Development and Personal Transformation are the core of every GLA program and interwoven in the service, workshops and excursions.  Guided by our staff, students tackle tough questions, learn to welcome differing opinions, and  begin affecting change within themselves their communities, and the world.