Global Summer Symposium

Dive deep into a critical issue and learn more about what can be done about it.

The world is changing rapidly and we need young leaders who are prepared to deliver creative solutions to complex global and local challenges. Before taking action, one must deeply explore these issues from every angle. This online, two-week program offers students a unique chance to dive deep into a thematic area of interest.


  • Explore an area of interest through a unique lens across two different countries
  • Connect with professionals and experts from the field
  • Work online with your peers  in teams to develop a project that works to tackle the issue at-hand
  • Curate a future of real change by learning crucial terminology and concepts within your field of interest
  • Discover real world applications of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Earn a certificate of achievement and gain substantive career exposure

Each two-week Global Summer Symposium program will allow students to travel virtually to two countries while participating from home via online interactions and seminars. You will explore two relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) during the course of your two weeks, and meet GLA nonprofit and social enterprise partner organizations as well as leaders from these regions throughout the symposium.

Prospective students will be asked choose a theme of interest which will determine which Global Summer Symposium program they participate in. You will choose from:

Once the program begins, meet 15 hours a week to engage in staff-supported course work and online lectures from local changemakers in the countries you’ll be visiting virtually as well as your thematic focus area of choice.

Guided by a professional Mentor, students will be challenged to deeply analyze the information provided while working in teams to develop a project aimed to offer a solution to the issues being presented.

During the final days of the Global Summer Symposium, present your solutions to our local experts and join forces to work towards actionable change both in these communities and our world at-large.

Join in online workshops and seminars while building real-world connections with your peers

Fuel your passion for a field of interest and discover a new college major or future career path

Confront the most pressing local and global issues today and learn how you can make a difference


“Our entire world has gone virtual: communication, learning, etc. And companies and organizations have had to adapt to the online format. GLA is one of those companies, and one who did it well. Conversation is still happening, learning is still happening, a safe space is still being created, and friendships are still forming.”

This virtual program will expose students to a critical issue in our world through an intentionally crafted, multilayered cultural and leadership curriculum.

Experience the nuances of each culture from your host country as you hear from keynote speakers. These guest speakers will come from distinctly different cultures and backgrounds and speak on the same issue so you can gain new perspectives on complex challenges.

Understand the problem and what is being done to address it through the lens of experts on the ground.

Students are delivered a unique macro-level glimpse into the issues, where they are not only uniquely positioned to compare and contrast the challenges faced in each country being visited virtually, but also exposed to what obstacles residents and organizers face in their local communities.

Get ready to share and absorb information, as well as to experience these incredible cultures with your senses. Come together with a community of like-minded teens and be the change you wish to see in the world, all from the comfort of home.


JULY  05 – JULY 16, 2021
For the Children & Education, Environment, Medicine and Social Justice Programs
JULY  19 – JULY 30, 2021
For the Animal Conservation, Community Development, Language Immersion and Public Health Programs

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Learn from guest speakers and tackle case studies as you compare and contrast global issues

Use the United Nations' 2030 Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for your studies

Earn a Certificate of Achievement at the end of your two-week program experience


The 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals, as crafted by the United Nations, present a detailed framework that calls for “peace and prosperity for people and the planet.” Global Leadership Adventures is adopting these SDGs as cornerstones for our Global Summer Symposium, in that each Symposium program will dive into two of the seventeen goals and use them as a lens through which to provide students with actionable, tangible benchmarks for meaningful change.