Summer Session

Global Impact Virtual Internship

July 05 – August 11, 2021 -OR- July 06 – August 12, 2021

The Summer Session of the Global Impact Virtual Internship is now open for registration.

The Global Leadership Adventures Team has custom-designed this six-week online internship from the ground up, in direct partnership with global nonprofit organizations and social enterprises.

The goal? To provide an opportunity for teens and young adults to become real-world interns, in active collaboration with our international partner organizations, GLA internship supervisors, and most importantly their fellow peers in the internship.

The idea? To develop essential leadership skills and build toward career development goals. Entirely online-based, this part-time, super flexible virtual internship gives our aspiring young leaders an incredibly unique opportunity to collaborate on initiatives centered around the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.



TEENS 14-18 & YOUNG ADULTS 18-24



Check out this Visual Guide to the Global Impact Virtual Internship experience.

Each Global Impact Virtual Intern will complete a Core Curriculum, where you will learn and develop critical skills that will support you on your future education and career paths.

Additionally, each intern will choose from one of several thematic Focus Areas that will define not only the global nonprofit partner organization or social enterprise you will work with, but also the area of interest you will dive into in support of a particular UN Sustainable Development Goal.

Are you ready to be the change you wish to see in the world? If you are, we’re ready to welcome you to the team.




Quick Facts about the Summer 2021 Session:

View the Sample Syllabus for the Summer Session of the Internship.

  • Location: Anywhere you are! This internship takes place 100% online.
  • Session Dates: July 05 – August 11, 2021 or July 06 – August 12, 2021
  • Duration: 6 weeks with a part-time, flexible schedule designed to work with your school and life calendar
  • Time Commitment: 66 total impact hours
    • 36 hours of virtual sessions
    • 30 hours of self-guided project work
  • Weekly Schedule:  10-11 hours each week
    • Option A: Monday/Wednesday core curriculum + Saturday focus area
    • Option B: Tuesday/Thursday core curriculum + Saturday focus area
    • There is weekly self-guided study and project work
      • ​~5 hours throughout the week
  • Office Hours: Available weekly
    • Weekly office hours are completely optional
    • Check in with your Internship Supervisor
    • Ask questions and discuss course projects
  • Maximum Group Sizes: 32 per core curriculum session and 24 per focus area track
  • Age Eligibility: Ages 14-19
  • Deadline to Register: June 1, 2021 Extended to June 21st
  • Financial Aid: Limited scholarship funds are available via application
  • Tuition: $1,999 USD








Select from one of these incredible thematic focus areas, including Public Health & Medicine.

Each focus area is designed for direct collaboration with a partner organization and corresponding region of impact.

ANIMAL & Wildlife CONSERVATION (Marine Focus)
Ages: 14-19
Partner Organization: Marine Dynamics in Partnership with the Dyer Conservation Trust

Region of Impact: South Africa
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:
SDG 13: Climate Action
SDG 14: Life Below Water

Explore topics related to:

Building the case for sustainability and marine conservation

Why choose this focus area?

Dive straight into discovering the rich biodiversity of the Atlantic & Indian Oceans! Home to the Marine Big 5, South Africa serves as the perfect destination for marine conservation enthusiasts to learn more about the initiatives and projects in the region that support marine conservation.

From Great White Sharks to African penguins, students will explore what it means to to be Marine Biologist or Conservationist in one of the world’s most unique marine environments.

About your overseas internship partner organization:

Based in Gansbaai, South Africa (the home of The Marine Big 5 and the great white shark capital of the world) Marine Dynamics is a family of organizations dedicated to the marine environment. They embody the mantra ‘Discover & Protect’ through ecotourism, research, conservation and outreach projects. Students on this internship will be working alongside the team of Marine Dynamics and their non-profit, the Dyer Island Conservation Trust, which delivers conservation and research programs to protect the biodiversity of the marine ecosystem surrounding Dyer Island.

Children & Education
Ages: 14-19
Partner Organization: Aii Group & Ashraya Care Home

Region of Impact: India
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:
SDG 01: No Poverty
SDG 04: Quality Education

Explore topics related to:

Building the case for education with children in India

Why choose this focus area?

Education is critical to the success of children growing up in India, but access to school and other opportunities can be major social constraints on young people growing up in the country. If you are passionate about making sure children have equitable access to education, particularly those from at-risk or impoverished backgrounds, this focus area is your chance to help make a difference. From tackling concepts such as poverty’s impact on young people and what the education system is like for those from different socioeconomic backgrounds in India, to confronting specific challenges Indian kids face such growing up with HIV, you’ll learn what it takes to overcome obstacles for the benefit of children.

About your overseas internship partner organization:

Aii group is a registered social enterprise providing support to local grassroots, non-governmental organizations working on social issues like education, poverty, healthcare and development. This organization has adopted government schools to renovate and build a healthy atmosphere for students to learn and develop and are currently providing support to orphanages, schools, old age homes, animal shelters, women empowerment centers and more in India, Nepal and South Africa.

Aashray Care Home’s vision is to create a fair and honest environment for every HIV affected and infected child to be able to live with dignity and courage. As the first care home in Rajasthan for HIV+ children, the Aashray Care Home tackles harassment and stigma issues for kids affected by HIV and AIDS. Children living with HIV are in an
extremely vulnerable situation because they are often orphans. Aashray works to take care of children from these at-risk families.

Ages: 14-19
Partner Organization: Amano Marketplace

Region of Impact: Peru
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:
SDG 01: No Poverty
SDG 12: Sustainable Consumption and Production

Explore topics related to:

Building the case for social entrepreneurship, slow fashion & responsible consumerism

Why choose this focus area?

Many indigenous artisans across the Americas hold long-standing art traditions, from pottery to basket-making, to handwoven textiles. These handmade objects, while serving a utilitarian or ceremonial purpose, also embody the practices and beliefs of cultures that are at risk of being lost. Artisans face mounting difficulties in preserving their traditions due to external factors such as globalization, technology and the recent pandemic.

Interns will partner with Peruvian artisans or local artisans from Peru to understand the unique challenges that they face in preserving their traditions and explore how social businesses can play a part in creating meaningful, systemic change.

About your overseas internship partner organization:

Amano Marketplace is a collaborative platform for Latin American artisans that was born in response to the global health crisis. Amano partners with 20+ artisanal groups, brands and organizations in an effort to connect artisans with the fair trade market, virtually. They advocate for collaboration and the continuation of traditional techniques through design, stories, and experiences.

Ages: 14-19
Partner Organization:

Region of Impact: Hawaii
United Nations Sustainable Development Goal:
SDG 13: Climate Action

Explore topics related to:

Building the case for climate action

Why choose this focus area?

The transition to 100% clean energy in Hawaii is a leading movement for reaching our global change goals. You will partner with an organization working at the policy level, in education and through community campaigns to move Hawaii closer towards its goal of 100% renewable energy by 2045. With unprecedented challenges ahead for natural and human environments in the next decade and beyond, it has never been more urgent to confront the climate crisis head-on, particularly in the Pacific where many landmasses and communities are under direct threat from sea level rise.

About your overseas internship partner organization: is an online climate school that helps adults to learn new skills that will help them to solve climate change, no matter what kind of career industry they work in. Their goal is to get 100 million people working in climate change by 2030!

They’ve teamed up with Blue Planet Foundation from Honolulu, Hawaii to get this message out: you can utilize and develop skills that create change in your community and beyond.

PUBLIC HEALTH & MEDICINE (Public Health Focus)
Ages: 14-19
Partner Organization: MedLife

Region of Impact: Peru
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:
SDG 03: Good Health and Well-being
SDG 04: Quality Education

Explore topics related to:

Building the case for public health in Peru

Why choose this focus area?

Public health can be a challenge in many parts of Peru. Access to healthcare can vary widely between those in rural areas and cities, as well as those with financial means and families without. Our internship partner organization – MEDLIFE – runs mobile clinics staffed by local physicians, as well as provides a comprehensive patient follow-up care program and educational workshops.

By choosing this focus area, you’ll begin to learn to identify the root causes of unequal healthcare access and resource distribution in Peru. Consider, how does improving access to primary healthcare facilities affect local communities ? How can we transform healthcare systems to be more inclusive and sustainable for low income societies?

About your overseas internship partner organization:

MEDLIFE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that partners with low-income communities in Latin America and Africa to improve their access to medicine, education, and community development projects. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of a world free from the constraints of poverty, MEDLIFE empowers students and volunteers to become advocates for change, as well as hires and trains local staff to provide high quality 24/7/365 patient care.

Ages: 14-19
Partner Organization: The Friends for Asia Foundation

Region of Impact: Thailand
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:
SDG 03: Good Health and Well-being
SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities

Explore topics related to:

Building the case for public health in Thailand

Why choose this focus area?

Medicine and public health challenges are found all over the world, but determining the needs of particular communities and individuals requires perspectives both global and local. In this internship focus area, you’ll not only collaborate with the Friends for Asia Foundation, but you’ll be immersed in the ins and outs of the healthcare system in Thailand. In particular, you will be hearing from doctors and other staff at multiple hospitals around Thailand in various departments (examples may include: the director of a public hospital, and emergency room doctor, and IVF doctor, etc).

If you’re passionate about learning medicine in the future, or have a keen interest in how public health initiatives shape healthcare outcomes, this is the focus area track for you.

About your overseas internship partner organization:

The Friends for Asia Foundation started in 2007, founded by Todd Cikraji, an experienced teacher and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. Todd volunteered with the Corps in both Kyrgyzstan and Thailand. The Foundation develops international volunteer projects that assist local communities overcome challenges, and provides volunteers with the experience of contributing to those communities as a valued participant.

The mission of Friends for Asia is twofold. First, they offer an opportunity for people to meaningfully contribute to the improvement of standards of living by building capacity in our host countries. Secondly, they provide committed volunteers to work on projects that benefit the local communities.

Social Justice 
Ages: 14-19
Partner Organization: ILCS (Institute for Leadership and Communication Studies)

Region of Impact: Morocco
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:
SDG 04: Quality Education
SDG 05: Gender Equality
SDG 10: Reduced inequalities

Explore topics related to:

Building the case for the importance of education in creating an empowered society

Why choose this focus area?

Gender equality and women’s empowerment play influential roles in the success of Sustainable Development Goals around the world, and are necessary to achieve truly sustainable development both locally and globally. For girls in the developing world, education can be seen as a tool to take control of their own lives.

Despite compulsory education laws and free education, many schools in Morocco are still inaccessible to women in many parts of society. On this internship, interns will explore the multi-faceted complexities of education equality, and gain a unique perspective on what organizations on the ground in Morocco are doing to empower women and children through education.

About your overseas internship partner organization:

Institutions such as the Institute for Leadership and Communication Studies in Morocco are critical for the advancement of education in rural areas. ILCS is a private institution for higher education, which invests in the training of competent future leaders. ILCS strives to contribute to human development in Morocco by providing the local community with competent and competitive citizens.






Earn Four University Credits from PSU

Global Leadership Adventures is extremely proud to partner with Portland State University, based in Portland, Oregon, to offer college credit for our student interns who complete the six-week Global Impact Virtual Internship.

Student interns are welcome to enroll in the virtual internship for Portland State University credit now through July 16th. You will be eligible to earn 4 quarter credits from PSU upon successful completion of the internship program.

This virtual internship course curriculum is fully accredited for U.S. undergraduate credit through PSU. Credits are transferable to other colleges and universities, though please note that it is the responsibility of each intern to confirm with their university of intent that these quarter credits will be accepted at the institution.  Details for how to log in to your PSU dashboard and access your credit information will be sent to you after the completion of the internship, once your grade for successful completion of the internship course has been sent to the university by your Internship Supervisor.

Getting college credit during high school has so many benefits. It can help with earning scholarships for college and even improve your chance of admission into your university of choice. You’ll have more opportunities to specialize your studies with a minor or second major once you do attend college, and you’ll also learn some critical time management skills along the way.

College Credit Fee

The additional fee to earn four quarter credits from Portland State University is $750.00.

It’s a great deal, considering the average cost per quarter credit is typically higher. This $750.00 is in addition to your $1,999.00 internship tuition. Though recommended, you are not required to purchase the college credit add-on as it is 100% optional.

How to Enroll in the PSU Quarter Credit Add-on

During your registration for the Global Impact Virtual Internship using our online registration form, you will reach a section titled “College Credit” on Page 3 of the process.

When asked “Would you like to receive 4 college credits through Portland State University for this internship?” for the $750 fee, simply select the “Yes” option in the dropdown menu.

If you have already registered for the virtual internship and would like to add the college credit, please call our Admissions Team during office hours at 858-771-0645 or email us at We will be happy to add this to your internship account.

About Portland State University

Portland State University is more than Portland’s public research university. It’s a place to test ideas and projects that show the world how different is done. Portland State’s innovative approach combines education with creative problem-solving and collaboration across campus for maximum impact. With more than 200 degree programs to choose from, PSU is Oregon’s most diverse, innovative and affordable research university.

Remember, the deadline to register for the PSU college credit add-on is July 16, 2021.





Registration Deadline: June 1, 2021

To learn more about the Global Impact Virtual Internship in general, click here.

Our mission at Global Leadership Adventures is to inspire the next generation to realize their potential to transform the world and their role in it. Let us know how we can help you on your journey.

Global Impact Virtual Interns who successfully complete the six-week online internship will be awarded the following merits for their contributions:

  • A Certificate of Completion
  • A Professional Letter of Recommendation signed by your Internship Supervisor
  • Optional Community Service Hours

Remember, the deadline to register for the Summer Session of the internship is June 1, 2021 June 21, 2021.


Internships Menu
Eligibility Requirements
  1. Access to a desktop computer or laptop with reliable internet
  2. Working web camera and microphone for virtual course participation
  3. Active email address to communicate with your Internship Supervisor
  4. Ability to commit to the 6-week virtual course schedule
  5. English language proficiency
  6. Must be between the ages of 14-19
Sample Schedule

July 05 – August 11
July 06 – August 12

Option A: Mondays & Wednesdays

  • Time Slot #1 (CLOSED)
    • 08:00am-10:00am EDT
    • 05:00am–07:00am PDT
  • Time Slot #2 (CLOSED)
    • 11:00am-01:00pm EDT
    • 08:00am–10:00am PDT

Option B: Tuesdays & Thursdays

  • Time Slot #1 (CLOSED)
    • 08:00am-10:00am EDT
    • 05:00am–07:00am PDT
  • Time Slot #2A (CLOSED)
    • 11:00am-01:00pm EDT
    • 08:00am–10:00am PDT
  • Time Slot #2B (OPEN: NEW)
    • 11:00am-01:00pm EDT
    • 08:00am–10:00am PDT
  • Time Slot #3 (OPEN: LIMITED)
    • 07:00pm–09:00pm EDT
    • 04:00pm–06:00pm PDT


  • Animal & Wildlife Conservation Track (Marine Focus)
    • 11:00am – 01:30pm EDT
    • 08:00am – 10:30am PDT
  • Children & Education Track
    • 11:00am – 01:30pm EDT
    • 08:00am – 10:30am PDT
  • Public Health & Medicine Track (Medicine Focus)
    • 11:00am – 01:30pm EDT
    • 08:00am – 10:30am PDT
  • Community Development Track
    • 02:00pm – 04:30pm EDT
    • 11:00am – 01:30pm PDT
  • Environmental Stewardship Track
    • 02:00pm – 04:30pm EDT
    • 11:00am – 01:30pm PDT
  • Public Health & Medicine Track (Public Health Focus)
    • 02:00pm – 04:30pm EDT
    • 11:00am – 01:30pm PDT
  • Social Justice Track
    • 02:00pm – 04:30pm EDT
    • 11:00am – 01:30pm PDT


  • Approx. 5 hours per week
    • Anytime you choose

Available Weekly (Optional)

Internship Breakdown

66 Impact Hours in Total

  • 36 total hours of virtual sessions
    • 10 hours with host organization engagement
    • 24 hours of skill development
    • 2 hours final project presentation
  • 30 total hours of self-guided project work

Roughly 6-11 hours per week

  • ~ 6-7 hours each week of contact classes
  • ~ 4 hours self guided project & study guide

Earn 10-20 Community Service Hours

  • Interns are eligible to receive a Service Certificate
    • For completion of any community service hours
    • Hours must be contributed as part of your internship
    • Hours vary based on your project and partner org
Internship Tuition Fee