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If you did not fill out our address form, you can call or text us to request a free, full-color catalog by mail. We also invite you to reach us at 1-858-771-0645 to speak with a GLA Enrollment Advisor, We’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have, or even help you enroll right over the phone.

For Students

GLA is a Life-Changing Experience!

With GLA you travel to places most people your age have never been before. You'll develop leadership skills, open to new possibilities, and unlock your passions. and perhaps even discover some new ones!

Destinations in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe & the USA

Each destination you visit has its own treasures. Imagine exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, going on safari in Tanzania or seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time.

Global Leadership Adventures

Have a Life-Changing Experience. Prepare yourself for the richest cross-cultural experience of your life on your upcoming overseas adventure. GLA crafts each program to be immersive and multidimensional. Our student travel programs abroad represent one way to begin a journey of personal and interpersonal transformation as you discover your own leadership style. These volunteer and travel experiences for teens start in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Europe, but as our alumni can attest, the journey doesn’t end when you get home.

Find the Right GLA Program for You

Choosing a program by destination gives you the opportunity to prioritize location above all else. You can search for a program by region (ex. Africa, South America), by country (ex. Costa Rica, Spain), or by landmarks (ex. I ant to see the Taj Mahal on my trip or trek to the ruins of Machu Picchu).

Choosing a program by type allows you the chance to dive into a global issue or topic you care about or would like to learn more about. You can search for a program by its core theme (ex. Public Health & Medicine, Children & Education) or by highlighted activities (ex. I want to visit a rural clinic or tutor children in a classroom setting).

Choose between two models of GLA programs.

Global Service-Learning

Our classic Service-Learning Programs include community-led service projects and operate primarily in non-tourist communities in Africa, Asia & Latin America.

Europe Discovery

Our new Europe Discovery Programs feature travel to multiple destinations throughout the length of a program, and are based exclusively in Europe.




Most teens on GLA programs are solo travelers who join the rest of the student group upon arrival in-country. We also welcome friends or siblings who wish to travel together.

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Our team of experienced Enrollment Advisors has visited, staffed, and even sent their own teens on our programs abroad. They are happy to share their insights and experiences to help your family decide what works best for you.

We have a program that fits your busy summer schedule!

We have dozens of programs available in June, July and August for you to choose from. Our sessions purposely span across the summer calendar so even if one program date doesn't work for you, another will.


Apply to be a GLA Honors Fellow or Arts & Letters Fellow

GLA Fellowships offer academically or creatively gifted students the opportunity to expand upon their program with a curriculum that both highlights and recognizes their achievements. These self-guided and GLA-supported Fellowships invite students to step up and learn to be leaders in their field of interest.

GLA invites any enrolled student to apply to become a Global Leadership Adventures Honors Fellow or Arts & Letters Fellow.

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