Service Trips for Teens - Volunteer in Another Country This Summer

Our Summer Service Trips for High School Students Provide:

  • An opportunity to travel to one of twelve incredible countries for 1-3 weeks
  • The chance to make a positive impact on a community-in-need
  • Real-world experience that is unique on college applications
  • Connections to others who share your passion for community service
  • Authentic immersion into a culture you've never experienced before

Community Service: Local vs. Global

Choosing to do community service is a great first step. Choosing where to do community service is a much more difficult endeavor, but one that can also provide the greatest rewards.

While local opportunities are extraordinarily beneficial to communities in North America and Western Europe, in developing countries there aren't nearly as many organizations or government institutions working to improve the lives of their citizens. Volunteering locally can be a wonderful helping hand. Volunteering globally can be a lifeline to those who don't have anywhere else to turn.

At Global Leadership Adventures, we encourage teens to volunteer in both ways. Service trips for teens in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and The Caribbean can provide you with the opportunity to leave legacy projects in your host country, while also picking up valuable skills and insights that will make your volunteering closer to home even more meaningful.

Global Leadership Adventures is a division of Terra Education, a leader in the field of international service learning. Terra also operates Discover Corps, one to two week volunteer vacations for adults and families, in collaboration with the National Peace Corps Association.

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