Peace of Mind Commitment

Everything you need to know about GLA's Peace of Mind policy for travel in 2021.



In response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, GLA has worked tirelessly to be able to resume operations, and to provide families with peace of mind from start to finish during these times of uncertainty. We hope these three points can help provide peace of mind as you consider joining GLA on-program in 2023.

Comfort & Trust with GLA

  • GLA has been the leader for student travel since 2004, with distinct recognition for our commitment to and prioritization of Safety and Risk Management. With an emphasis on our 5-Point Safety System and intentional planning, the GLA team has developed detailed and extensive COVID-19 Operating Guidelines for all travel programs in 2022.
  • GLA will only operate programs we believe can be run safely with COVID plans in place, in destinations that are open to student travelers.
    • To prepare for the uncertainty around travel guidelines, we have many options available should you want or need to change your first-choice destination; we have programs throughout the U.S., Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.
    • If your comfort with traveling changes or if your student is exposed to or contracts COVID prior to departure, GLA can postpone or reschedule your program with ease.
    • If your program is unable to run, we will work with you to find a back-up location or virtual program that can be joined at any time for any member of your family.
  • GLA offers a commitment to provide full transparency in our decision-making process if or when we confirm or postpone a particular destination(s).
  • To learn more, you can join one of our monthly virtual webinars for 2022 programs, where we’ll review our safety guidelines as well as provide a GLA overview.

Safe Group Environment as a GLA ‘Travel Pod’

  • As GLA strives to create a safe infrastructure to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, we will set up a ‘travel pod’ with the members of our group. Although we may, at times, have interaction with people outside the pod (i.e. zipline guides, guests at a restaurant or a non-exclusive lodging facility), we will work with families and student travelers to be aligned on each individual’s role in following the COVID guidelines and how we will work together to create a safe and meaningful experience.
  • Families will sign off on and agree to follow guidelines during the pre-departure process — for example, physical distancing for 14 days prior to departure and submitting a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination — so that the group can start off on the best foot possible with a shared commitment to health and safety.

Flexibility with GLA

    • With the ever-changing world today, families can change program destinations and waive the change fee, up to 45 days before departure.
    • We offer options internationally, domestically (U.S.-based) and virtually. We have options for ages 14-18 and 18+.
    • Risk-free investment: with the possibility of changes or postponements needing to be made for specific destinations or dates, GLA offers a lifetime credit for tuition paid that never expires so you never lose out.
      • This credit is fully transferable to all Terra programs, such as Summer Springboard pre-college programs or Discover Corps adult and family adventures; the credit is also transferable to siblings or other students.
    • Final tuition is not due until your program is confirmed, approximately 60 days before departure.
    • Travel Insurance — GLA strongly recommends travel insurance to protect your investment:
      • May cover cancellation and refunds of non-refundable trip costs beyond what we are able to offer including tuition, flight costs or any other covered expenses
      • Click here to learn more.