Special Themed Multi-Country

Dive into a specific theme through travel and visits to key sites

Are you passionate about learning through experiences?
  • Focus your experience on a theme such as STEM, the European Union, or the history and culture of the major cities that shaped Europe as it is today                 
  • Traverse international borders to discover the cities that have the most to offer in terms of your specific themed learning objective
  • Meet with experts in their fields & discover iconic monuments and unique culture through site visits and guest speakers
  •  Link two Country Discovery programs with a three-night stay in Amsterdam

Activities are tailored to support and enhance program content; every stop along the way is an opportunity to further explore your learning objectives, making for a well-rounded travel adventure. 


As opposed to regular tourists out to see the sights, come away with a deeper understanding of your field of interest and a better understanding of yourself as a leader. This isn’t your typical European tour!

GLA Special Themed Multi-Country Programs

Cities - 720 x 640

Cites That Shaped Europe: Rome, Paris & London™

Dive into some of the most influential cities in Europe as you discover their culture and importance in European history.

EU - 720 x 640

Understanding the EU: Brussels, Berlin & Beyond™

Explore the culture, history, and politics of four major cities that helped to shape the European Union as we know it today.

STEM - 720 x 640

The STEM Experience: London, Paris & Geneva™

Science and travel collide as you explore some of the epicenters of STEM learning and research.

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