Environmental Stewardship

Advocate for the Natural World and our Oceans

Are you passionate about preserving the environment?
  • Do hands-on work to preserve the natural world and the communities who depend on its protection
  • Collect important biodiversity data to contribute to local research projects
  • Contribute to vital habitat restoration endeavors
  • Help to eliminate ocean contamination and its affect on local wildlife
  • Collaborate with experts on issues surrounding environmental protection

Lend a hand and build relationships with local organizations working to make change at the local and international level through environmental research and education.

Side 2 Fiji MCE

Get to know the local culture and traditions, and see first hand why the environment plays such a crucial role in the community.

girl and snorkeling

Explore local natural wonders, and experience the outdoors with breathtaking hikes and thrilling water activities!

GLA Environmental Stewardship Programs

Fiji MCE - 720 x 640

Marine Conservation Expedition™

Voyage to beautiful Fiji, where you’ll learn to protect its abundant ocean life and discover an ancient island culture.

Side 1 Dominican Republic BSW
Dominican Republic

Building a Sustainable World™

Volunteer on critical building projects in the Dominican Republic that tackle global issues at the local level.

Dominican Republic

Caribbean Service Adventure

Appreciate the beauty, history and people of the island as you support development efforts in rural communities.


Orangutan Conservation Expedition™

Explore the lush jungles and rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia’s largest island and a wild and rugged destination.


Ridge to Reef Expedition™

Explore Belize’s nature, wildlife and culture while confronting the challenges facing its communities and ecosystems.


Island Marine Excursion™

Gain hands-on experience with marine biology and conservation while living on tropical Koh Tao in Thailand.

Oregon Redwoods 750x500

The Great Pacific Northwest™

Experience the hidden gems of the Pacific Northwest in Oregon, from Crater Lake to the redwoods and beyond.

South Dakota Hero Image 1600x500
South Dakota

The Land of Infinite Variety™

Experience South Dakota from the cultural impact of Native Americans to the natural beauty of the Badlands.


Arches, Canyonlands & the Colorado River™

Designed with thrill-seekers in mind, experience Utah through community service and pulse-pounding adventure.


Grand Teton & Yellowstone Excursion™

Learn about Wyoming’s ecology, wildlife and public lands against the backdrop of two famous national parks.


Wilderness Backpacking Expedition™

Go on a rugged two-week backpacking experience in Wyoming and support efforts to build and maintain nature trails.


New England Service Adventure

Explore picturesque Maine as you tackle service projects and engage with this unique and historic state.


San Diego Service Adventure

Journey to San Diego and enjoy its panoramic views while learning about public health and the environment.