Children & Education

Empower the Next Generation

Are you passionate about improving the lives of children?
  • Fuel your passion for helping children through volunteer work that focuses on supporting at-risk youth, in and out of the classroom
  • Tutor abroad and provide education to children at school and outside the classroom
  • Be a friend and role model to the youngest generation
  • Inspire local children to dream big and achieve their ambitions
  • Leave a lasting impact on the community through infrastructure improvements at local schools

Contribute to the growth and wellbeing of children in remote communities, by volunteering your time and energy with them.

Discover the challenges communities face in providing long-term educational and childcare opportunities to kids-in-need.

Work with members of the local community who are invested in providing improved futures for their children.

GLA Children & Education Programs

Bali IEI - 720 x 640

Land of Discovery™

Immerse yourself in the indigenous culture of the “Island of the Gods,” and discover unexpected treasures while scuba diving in the Bali Sea.

Ghana COA - 720 x 640

Children of Africa™

Beating drums, children’s laughter and Ghana’s warm greetings welcome you to become family in the heart of West Africa.

Guatemala - 720 x 640

Children of the Maya™

With its stunning landscape and ancient Maya culture, Guatemala promises adventure and the opportunity to make a mark on education.

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