Pre-College Summer Programs for Teens

GLA's Summer Programs Offer Incoming College Freshmen:

  • The chance to visit another country without the strings of a study abroad program
  • An opportunity to jump out of your comfort zone before college begins
  • A great way to save money by not taking a full gap year, while still have a fulfilling experience abroad
  • The choice to explore a country few people visit in Asia, Africa, Latin America, or The Caribbean
  • Time to dedicate to volunteering or language learning before the onslaught of freshman year seminars

What Is The Best Way to Travel Abroad Before College?

Traveling abroad on your own can be tricky to manage, especially if you're heading to a place that isn't your typical tourist destination. Few high school students - really, few college students and older adults - have traveled to many places outside of North America and Western Europe. Global Leadership Adventures makes it easy to navigate the unknowns of these new destinations, and gives outgoing high school students the chance to be immersed in a culture and place that few of their incoming college peers will have ever experienced.

A unique part of the GLA experience is that instead of having to dedicate a whole year to traveling overseas, you can still have part of your summer at home before you head off for college. GLA's pre-college summer travel programs last from ten days to three weeks, and they aren't just a day at the beach or a hike up a mountain. On every one of our programs, you work with local community members and partner organizations to contribute to a meaningful volunteer project designed to improve the lives of the people who live there.

Whether you're on a tight four-year schedule that won't allow for study abroad time, or are worried that the opportunities to travel abroad will be years away at best as part of university life, you have your last, best chance now to volunteer in and experience a new country and culture while you're still of-age to travel with GLA.

Global Leadership Adventures is a division of Terra Education, a leader in the field of international service learning. Terra also operates Discover Corps, one to two week volunteer vacations for adults and families, in collaboration with the National Peace Corps Association.

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