Harassment & Discrimination Policies

Global Leadership Adventures affirms its commitment to preventing harassment of any kind on-program.

Harassment & Discrimination Policy

GLA does not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination in the workplace and while on programs. We promote a safe environment for all parties.

Students sign a Code of Conduct, which states that they understand our stance. Staff sign a Program Staff Policies document.

Both the Code of Conduct and Program Staff Policies document state our stance as an organization. Any student or staff found to be harassing or discriminating will be removed from the program.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Sexual harassment in any form is not tolerated on a GLA experience. We stand firmly in our endeavor to unify the organization in standing against sexual harassment.

We aim to educate all persons involved in our programs on our guidelines to prevent incidents from occurring and to provide all staff and participants a concrete plan of action should an incident occur.

GLA’s definition of sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to, repeated behaviors of a sexual nature that impairs an individual’s safety, wellbeing and ability to enjoy GLA programs.

Any student or staff member found in violation of our policy will be immediately removed from the program experience.