Our Organization

GLA prides itself on its unique organizational ties and its commitment to do good in the world.

Discover Corps

Started by GLA co-founder and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Andrew Motiwalla, Discover Corps is one of Global Leadership Adventures’ sister organizations, inviting adults and families to travel together in a meaningful way.

Travelers embrace the spirit of the discovery by taking a trip based in purposeful projects, ranging from immersive cultural engagement to wildlife interaction. Trips are available year-round, and allow GLA alumni, friends and their families to experience another country in a way that aligns with GLA’s core values and shares our outlook on building connections abroad.

The vision? Spontaneous, authentic, and unforgettable experiences.

Summer Springboard

Founded with a similar mission to inspire and serve the next generation of high school students, Summer Springboard is one of GLA’s sister organizations.

Summer Springboard programs help prepare students prior to university by increasing their self-awareness through meaningful immersion and engagement at campuses across the United States.  The goal is for students to make decisions about college selection, academic majors, and careers that reflect their personal vision for success.

GLA alumni looking for a domestic summer program focused on their future college or career paths should consider enrolling in an SSB program.

Terra Education

Global Leadership Adventures is part of Terra Education, a leader in the field of international teen travel and service-learning.

Terra also operates Discover Corps, vacations with purpose for adults and families.

Additionally, Terra operates Summer Springboard, pre-college summer programs for teens on the campuses of Berkeley, Yale and beyond.

Terra Education was formed to provide diversified educational programs that span the world. We focus on delivering a positive impact for society, workers, the community and the environment.. We are also proud to be the exclusive representative of programs operated by EduTerra Global Education.

Certified B Corporation

Certified B Corporations are a new type of corporation which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

B Corps, unlike traditional businesses:

  • Meet comprehensive and transparent social and environmental performance standards
  • Meet higher legal accountability standards
  • Build business constituency for public policies that support sustainable business
President’s Volunteer Service Award

GLA has joined with the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation to deliver the President’s Volunteer Service Award. The award is issued by the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation, a group convened to help foster and encourage a culture of volunteer service and civic participation among Americans. As a Certifying Organization for the award, GLA is responsible for verifying service hours, nominating potential recipients and delivering the award.