5-Point Safety System™

GLA 5-Point Safety System™


Safe and Secure Lodging

Each program has a GLA Home Base, a place for GLA students only. It’s their home away from home – to relax, enjoy meals with GLA staff and other volunteers, and reflect. Students room together in gender-segregated group lodging.

Caring Supervision

GLA policy is for no student to ever be by themselves at any point in time. Students should be either with staff members, in groups, or assigned to a buddy. Our average student-staff ratio is 6:1.

 Healthy Meals and Pure Water

Meals are prepared fresh daily, with a healthy mix of fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, and bread. Students may sample local cuisine, but Western-style and vegetarian options are also available. Students also have access to unlimited safe drinking water.

 Expert Local Knowledge

Our in-country staff members have intimate knowledge of the host community. They have established relationships with medical professionals in the area, as well as local organizations where students do community service.

 Safe and Comfortable Transportation

Students are transported in GLA-approved vehicles by experienced, licensed drivers. At time of arrival, GLA staff will be at the airport to meet and greet students. If the plane is delayed, they will wait until students arrive. At airport drop-off, GLA staff will help students check in and make sure students know how to find their flight.