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Global Leadership Adventures welcomes high school students, ages 14-18, from around the world to join our experienced staff for a life-changing, international teen volunteer abroad experience. Our comprehensive, service-learning approach enables high school students to enhance their leadership potential through meaningful teen community service and cultural interactions. The GLA Experience will enrich the life of your child and inspire him/her to become a better leader.

Safety First

Our primary goal at GLA is to provide students a safe, wonderful and memorable teen volunteer abroad experience. We believe that this transformational growth can only take place in a secure environment. Safety always comes first in everything we do.

Check out this safety video for more information.

Or for more about safety and security on our programs, read about our 5-Point Safety System.

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Academic journey

International travel is becoming increasingly important for students through high school summer trips. Globalization has forced us to have a worldwide perspective and appreciation of other cultures. And as the college application process grows more competitive each year, it’s critical that your child experience living in a foreign country through high school summer trips.

GLA’s service-learning approach ensures that your child gains the most from high school summer trips abroad. Volunteering in an emerging economy will change their understanding of the world. And meeting dynamic individuals who make a difference will unlock leadership skills. By growing with a remarkable group of international students the benefits are endless.

Personal Growth

The rewards your child receives from teen volunteer abroad experiences: confidence, stronger self-esteem, and a global understanding, are immeasurable. Each student grows differently, but they all gain from the service-learning of high school summer trips.

GLA is much more than just another high school summer program – it’s a life-changing experience.  Your child will return with values of leadership, community service and global awareness.

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