Teacher's Feedback

GLA has been fortunate to work with a number of school and orgranization groups through our Custom Trips. Check out what some of the teachers had to say about their experience with Global Leadership Adventures. 

“I can’t wait to return to Africa – this was life changing for me.”

—Jan S. (Harvard Westlake School, California, USA)

“The GLA Brazil programme was a tremendous success; the community service project was extremely moving and the lectures given were highly thought-provoking. It was a real pleasure to see students reflecting on issues and clearly changing and maturing even in the three week period. I know from comments I have received that lives have been changed and the project may be the first step to these students going on to achieve great things later on in their lives and becoming truly global citizens.”

—Richard Bourlet (International School of Geneva, Switzerland)

“As a high school teacher I am always looking for transformative learning experiences that will empower my students to recognize their leadership potential. I would enthusiastically recommend my students to apply for any GLA program. During their time abroad, students witness creative solutions to formidable challenges in action and develop their own ideas on how to create positive change.”

—Melanie M. (Bodine High School for International Affairs, Pennsylvania, USA)

“I found the GLA experience to be extraordinary in that, in addition to providing students with the opportunity to visit a foreign country and learn about its history, art, and culture, it offers students the first hand reward of cross-cultural community service as a learning tool.”

—Vaughn A. (Northfield Mount Hermon School, Massachusetts, USA)

“I believe the experience transformed me from a United States citizen to a global citizen.”

—Karen T. (Castilleja School, California, USA)

“GLA is about giving students the chance to experience something new. Life is a series of experiences, each one helping to make us greater, although this can sometime be hard to realise at that moment. Through the friendships forged and community service and reflection and discussion sessions students discovered a great deal about themselves and their leadership potential.”

—Rob Beever (Clifton College, UK)