About GLA

What distinguishes GLA from other programs?

  • The GLA Experience is the only high school leadership program that offers a combination of:
  • Great discussion based, country-focused seminars led by mentors from some of the best schools in the world
  • Guest speakers who are experts on their topics - whether they were former political prisoners with Nelson Mandela, in South Africa, or are masters of preserving rich biodiversity, in Costa Rica
  • Community service projects where you positively impact and learn from people in disadvantaged communities
  • Exciting excursions to each destination's most beautiful and culturally historic sites
  • An international student body that is excited and enthusiastic about meeting new friends, making a difference in the world and traveling in a meaningful way.

Who leads GLA?

All GLA team members are committed to making a difference in the lives of future leaders and are genuinely concerned about global issues

GLA leadership received their degrees from excellent institutions around the world and have extensive experience working in successful organizations. Learn more about GLA Leadership.

GLA program staff deliver the highest standard of excellence, and have significant educational experience as teachers or administrators at elite schools.

How do you select staff members?

GLA hires exceptional and enthusiastic educators from reputed schools, with strong skill sets in facilitating discussions and developing leadership skills among students.