Programs for Groups

For Teachers & Group Leaders

Whether you’re an educator, faculty advisor or someone who wants to create a GLA group experience, we will personally work with you to create a program that matches the unique goals and topics you want to address. Group programs can range from a few days to a few weeks and are always assembled with great care and led by our experienced staff. We can create a private date or you can join an existing session. Our US staff has worked extensively in all of our countries and our local staff has deep roots and a wide web of connections in their countries. We will definitely be able to tailor a program to fit your interests.

We have a simple 3-Step process for setting up and running your group program.

1) Program Selection- Work with our groups lead to select a program location, define dates and duration.

2) Promotions-We’ll provide you with materials you can use to promote the program to students and parents. We can also offer informational sessions for families via video conference.

3) Payment and Pre-Departure- Students and families can easily make payments through their online account. Then work with GLA Coordinators who will support and prepare your group for departure and your journey abroad.

Contact Bridget McTaggart, Groups Lead today to get started:

A custom program typically* has:

  • Minimum of 12 students*
  • teacher’s program is free based on number of students (does not include airfare)
  • Tuition does not include international airfare
  • Can be tailored to the interests of your group

* Smaller groups, more chaperons, and different activities can be arranged during the program customization process.

The GLA Difference

GLA immerses its students in a country’s culture and provides them a safe environment where they can experience history in the making and learn the local language. The GLA Experience is about seeing firsthand some of the most important issues that face the world today and discovering what one person can do to make a difference. Through an integrated experiential learning environment, world history becomes real and active rather than passive – students can feel it come to life.