How Can a Teen Volunteer Abroad in Africa?

Our Teen Summer Volunteer Programs in Africa Offer You the Opportunity to:

  • Have your first international experience before college even begins
  • Make your college applications more competitive
  • Help a community-in-need through a meaningful service project
  • Travel with like-minded teens and make friends with shared interests
  • Explore new cultures and communities in Tanzania, Ghana, or South Africa

14-Day and 3-Week Teen Volunteer Programs

A teen volunteer isn't limited only to her hometown to join a service project. Global Leadership Adventures (GLA) offers high school students opportunities to participate in community service and experience the local culture in developing countries in Africa. GLA operates programs in remote destinations around the globe, so it is no surprise that many families see their teen volunteer abroad in Africa (or other regions GLA is represented in) over the course of their time in high school.

By the time many teenagers begin college courses after high school, their schedules are so crammed with research papers, extracurricular activities, and a full courseload that many students are unable to do their planned semester abroad. GLA offers two big advantages in this area: teens can volunteer internationally before college gets in the way, and they can do it during their summer break.

Global Leadership Adventures is a division of Terra Education, a leader in the field of international service learning. Terra also operates Discover Corps, one to two week volunteer vacations for adults and families, in collaboration with the National Peace Corps Association.

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