Program Components for Custom Groups

Program Components

GLA will work with you to develop your preferred key components for a meaningful, intentionally designed, educational experience. Group leaders are invited to mix and match these completely customizable components in a way that works best for their student group and educational objectives, and itineraries can be designed to emphasize whichever elements are most important.

Choose Your Custom Components

Service-Learning is a vehicle through which students are exposed to a culture unlike their own, challenging them to see unique local issues through the eyes of the community. Our host communities welcome students’ energy and helping hands. Many of our alumni leave our programs valuing the time they spent on service sites most
GLA celebrates experiential learning through immersion, cross-cultural exchange and guided reflection. Our students participate in interactive experiences that expose them to diverse cultures, arts, value systems and histories in ways that no textbook could convey. These experiences welcome both high engagement and critical thinking, and are intentionally developed to align with your selected Program Type).
GLA experiences can be travel-centric, focusing on the exploration of a region and a theme. As opposed to regular tourists out only to see the sights, our Exploratory Travel methodology gives students the opportunity to come away as more experienced travelers, ready to engage with the world and better understanding their capacities to transform it.
Adventure is often at the heart of a journey abroad. Each host community is set in a unique landscape and contains its own historical and natural treasures, and exceptional opportunities for students to challenge themselves in memorable ways. Our adventure activities are intentionally selected to tie into program themes and double as learning opportunities.
Our proprietary leadership curriculum offers group leaders a meaningful way to engage young people in thoughtful, prescriptive leadership development. Leadership is not a one-size-fits-all category, so our curriculum keeps that in mind, guiding students and group leaders to find and develop a leadership style that suits every personality and background.
What's Included?
  • Travel Coordinator to assist with program planning and pre-departure
  • On-site orientation
  • All-inclusive in-country accommodation, transportation, three meals/day
  • Highly experienced team of staff in-country to guide the program (+CPR/First Aid)
  • 24/7 helpline for staff, chaperones, students, and their parents
  • Local partners in the host country to manage logistics and provide authentic experiences
  • Evacuation and Secondary Medical Insurance while in country
  • Blog to track and your share your group journey (optional) • Certificates of service or language hours (optional)
  • 2+ free chaperones based on number of participants (not including flights, min. 12 students)
What's NOT Included?
  • Flights (optionally can be included in the tuition and coordinated upon request)
  • Application fee ($95 non-refundable)
  • Cost of travel documents for participants (passports, visas, other)
  • Travel insurance (for trip cancellation, lost luggage, trip delay, etc)

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