GLA Honors Fellowship - Public Health Track

You can select the Public Health Track as a GLA Honors Fellow.

What is the Public Health Track?

The GLA Honors Fellowship for Public Health is about pushing your understanding of issues and challenges facing the international public health community.

International public health is not an easy field, and the people that do it have a drive that goes beyond just helping people. They are selfless and hardworking.

While you’re on your program, you will be tasked with speaking to these public health professionals and learn about their perspectives on the field, as well as their personal challenges and struggles that make what they do worth it.

The Public Health Track of an Honors Fellowship requires accepted participants to complete pre-program, on-program, and post-program assignments or projects. Learn more about each below!

Fellowship Components


While preparing for your trip and the final essay you’ll create, you’ll need to do some research into global Public Health that the world is facing and analyze an infopack and videos made available to you at the start of the fellowship.

Once you’re finished your prep work, you will be asked to answer questions in a corresponding worksheet. This worksheet must be submitted before you leave for your program.


Once on your program, you will be asked to think about what type of essay you would like to write when you finish your program. What are you learning? How did your expectations of this field compare to the reality of what international public health workers do? Is this something you’re still passionate about? You will want to ask questions that allow you to create an essay that is unique to your experience.

The creativity of your essay will be completely up to you, and thinking outside the box is encouraged! You will want to make it your own and develop a personal style that conveys exactly what you want say about your experience. We recommend that you keep a daily journal while on your program as well.

This will help you as you complete your final essay post-program.


Once you get back home, it will be time to pull from your experience and create your final project. Your project can take any form you think is most appropriate. You could write standard essay. Or you could come up with a proposal for a volunteer/service learning program which you believe would address a critical need you have uncovered. It is up to you. The more thought and effort you put into it, the more benefit you will get from the experience.

You final project will be outlined in greater detail in your Fellowship Curriculum, which you will receive upon acceptance as an Honors Fellow in the Public Health Track.

Completion of your final project will be the capstone to your fellowship and an incredible highlight you can feature on upcoming college applications and beyond.

How To Apply

If you wish to apply, please fill out the Honors Fellowship Application and select the Public Health Track.

Fellowship applications are free. There is a Fellowship Fee you will be charged if you are accepted as a Fellow into this track.

*Please note: You must have a Google account (Gmail) to access the application and apply. If you don’t have one yet, creating a Google account is easy and takes only a few minutes. Click here to learn how.

Fellow are awarded...

A Certificate of Achievement

A Custom Metal Pin Honoring Your Achievement

A Recommendation Letter from our Executive Director


Add ‘GLA Fellow’ to Your College Application


*upon completion of the fellowship curriculum

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