GLA Arts & Letters Fellowship - Fine Arts Track

You can select the Fine Arts Track as a GLA Arts & Letters Fellow.

What is the Fine Arts Track?

The GLA Arts & Letters Fellowship for Fine Art is about pushing your abilities as an artist, no matter what medium you want to pursue.

The pursuit of true art has been a long sought after goal though centuries of societies, with each era producing new styles and mediums that shape our perceptions of beauty, life and emotion.

Arts can’t just sit in a blank room and create unique art that deepens our understanding of the world. An artist needs to experience the world and let those experiences shape the vision for their art.

The Fine Arts Track of an Arts & Letters Fellowship requires accepted participants to complete pre-program, on-program, and post-program assignments or projects. Learn more about each below!

Fellowship Components


While preparing for your trip and the story or essay you’ll write, you’ll need to do some research into artists that have come before and analyze their work for creative inspiration and learning.

There will be options inside the fellowship that follow different mediums and artists. You’ll be able to choose which option is most closely related to the art piece you’d like to create so you have a chance to plan and conceptualize your final project.

Once you’re finished researching the artist or medium you choose, you will be asked to answer the questions in the corresponding worksheets. This worksheet must be submitted before you leave for your program.

At the end of the worksheet, there will be a space for your project proposal. The art piece that you will turn in for your final project is the most important aspect of the Fellowship. Will you turn in 30 sketches that define your experience? A sculpture that exemplifies an idea you had while in country? A painting that you shape in the weeks after your program ends? There is no limit to what you decide to create.

The Fine Art Fellowship final project does not have a length requirement like an essay, but we will use this project proposal to estimate the time and effort being put into your project. If you have any questions or ideas you’d like to run by the Fellowship Committee, just send us an email.


Once on your program, you will need to define your vision for your fine art project and, most importantly, learn and experience the world around you. As part of your fellowship learning in-country, we will recommend that you keep a journal during your time at the program. This can be written, visual or anything in between.

Not only will it give you reference material for your art piece, but the best way to solidify the vision for your final project. Very few artists create incredible work on the first try, and many sketch or plan for months before starting on their piece. Use your time on your program be the time for your creativity flow and try out different things until you find exactly what is right for your project.


Once you get back home, it will be time to start working on your art piece. You will have time to review your journal and collect your thoughts from your experience to help inform your process. There is a lot that you can forget about in a couple weeks of intense, exciting adventure while in a different country.

You final project requirements will be outlined in greater detail in your Fellowship Curriculum, which you will receive upon acceptance as an Arts & Letters Fellow in the Creative Writing Track, but it will be mostly defined by your project proposal. If your project changes drastically from your original proposal, just send the Fellowship Committee an email with a new proposal.

Completion of your final fine arts project will be the capstone to your fellowship and an incredible highlight you can feature on upcoming college applications and beyond.

How To Apply

If you wish to apply, please fill out the Arts & Letters Fellowship Application and select the Fine Arts Track.

Fellowship applications are free. There is a Fellowship Fee you will be charged if you are accepted as a Fellow into this track.

*Please note: You must have a Google account (Gmail) to access the application and apply. If you don’t have one yet, creating a Google account is easy and takes only a few minutes. Click here to learn how.

Fellow are awarded...

A Certificate of Achievement

A Custom Metal Pin Honoring Your Achievement

A Recommendation Letter from our Executive Director


Add ‘GLA Fellow’ to Your College Application


*upon completion of the fellowship curriculum

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