Enrollment Calendar FAQ

What are the different admission periods on GLA’s Enrollment Calendar?

September 1 – October 31
Early Decision

November 1 – December 15
Early Admission

December 16 – April 15

General Admission

April 16 – End of the Season

Rolling Admission

Does GLA have a final enrollment deadline?

No. While we encourage enrolling as early as possible, GLA will accept students up to the last session we run every summer, as long as the student/family is able to get all pre-departure materials and actions completed prior to departure. GLA believes using rolling admission gives all families the chance to have their teen travel with us during the spring or summer.

What is the biggest benefit of enrolling during the Early Decision period?

We offer a free application code to prospective students if they enroll by the October 31st deadline.

What is the biggest benefit of enrolling during the Early Admission period?

We offer a reduced application fee code to prospective students if they enroll by the December 15th deadline.

Why enroll before the General Admission period?

The biggest tuition savings and benefits happen prior to the start of a new calendar year. However, there is no penalty in effect during the General Admission period. All standard rates/fees apply. Some programs may fill by this point in-time, but there is still solid availability on many of our popular programs.

Why enroll before the Rolling Admission period?

By the time the Rolling Admission period takes effect, many of our most popular programs are full and have waitlists, while an additional $50 is added to our application fee to account for late processing. However, many families still enroll after April 15th and we encourage you to apply even if you couldn’t enroll earlier this time around. We have an incredible team ready and able to make your travel plans happen!

What are the benefits of enrolling during the various enrollment periods?

Check your inbox for emails during various times of the year for details on special enrollment benefits.

Do I still need to pay my deposit for my program if I enroll early?

Yes. Your $600 non-refundable deposit is required to save your spot on the program, and any grants, scholarships or benefits will still require you to place your full deposit amount at the time of enrollment.