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Embark on an European adventure filled with unique experiences, insider access, cultural immersion, and all the must-sees and must-dos.

Where our service-learning programs go deep, Europe Discovery programs go broad. These experiences deliver on our exploratory travel methodology to immerse students in a country or theme through a series of locations deliberately selected for their impact and significance–iconic monuments, historical sites, and cultural exploration are all on the agenda.

This program type is ideal for students who are curious about or have a strong interest in history, culture, the arts, contemporary issues, and the role of each city or region on the global stage.

Europe Program Types

There are three unique program types within our Europe Discovery offerings.

  • Country Discovery
  • Language Immersion
  • Special Themed Multi-Country 
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GLA Europe Programs

France - 720 x 640

Royalty, Revolution & the French Way of Life™

Experience la Joie de Vivre – the Joy of Life – first-hand as you explore France’s history and cultural gems from the city to the countryside.

Greece - 720 x 640

Mythology, Philosophy & Modern Democracy™

Explore Greece, from the ancient wonders of the world’s most influential civilization, to the complexities of modern life.

Italy - 720 x 640

Rome, Renaissance & the Modern State™

Discover Italy and experience the sights, sounds, and tastes that have developed over centuries and shaped the world.

Spain CC - 720 x 640

Cultural Crossroads Past & Present™

Spain is a melting pot of cultural influence – uncover the history of Spain as a cultural crossroads from Moorish influence to current immigration issues.

UK - 720 x 640
United Kingdom

Myths, Legends & the Modern Day™

Explore England & Scotland through their lore & legends, from the medieval to the modern.

Language Immersion

Spain Spanish - 720 x 640

Spanish in the Land of Don Quixote™

For more than a language course, travel to Toledo, Madrid, and Salamanca—the perfect setting for a full Spanish experience.

Cities - 720 x 640

Cities that Shaped Europe: Rome, Paris & London™

Dive into some of the most influential cities in Europe as you discover their culture and importance in European history.

EU - 720 x 640

Understanding the EU: Brussels, Berlin & Beyond™

Explore the culture, history, and politics of four major cities that helped to shape the European Union as we know it today.

STEM - 720 x 640

The STEM Experience: London, Paris & Geneva™

Science and travel collide as you explore some of the epicenters of STEM learning and research.

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