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Explore the vibrant cultural and natural wonders that await you in Haiti, a country ripe for positive change.


Why Haiti?

Haiti is located on the west side of the island of Hispaniola, and although it shares an island with the more frequented Dominican Republic, their cultures are as distinct as their histories. Originally settled by the Spanish and later the French, Haiti's culture is influenced heavily by both European and native traditions. With stunning beaches and bustling towns, Haiti is a country that is ripe for positive change. While still recovering from natural disasters, such as being the epicenter of a major earthquake in 2010, the resilient Haitian people are rebuilding and revitalizing their communities, despite a lack of resources and formal infrastructure.

Teen Summer Programs in Haiti for High School Students

Haiti: Global Health Initiative™

Haiti: Global Health Initiative™

Please note: GLA's Haiti program has been cancelled for summer 2019.

Duration: 10 days
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