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Ghana is often called the "heart and soul of Africa" because of its welcoming, passionate, and peaceful people.


Why Ghana?

Often called the heart and soul of West Africa, Ghana is known for its welcoming, passionate and peaceful people. It is a particularly important place, because it is where many African-Americans can trace their roots. Ghana's government is democratically elected, and it is one of the few modern African nations identified as having a free press. Unlike typical missions to Africa, Global Leadership Adventures offers high school volunteer abroad in Africa that is exclusive to teens; and our programs in Ghana are focused on community service.

Teen Summer Programs in Ghana for High School Students

Ghana: Children of Africa™

Ghana: Children of Africa™

Embrace children from the community as you learn traditional Ghanaian culture.

Duration: 14 to 21 days
Program Type: Children
Start Dates: Aug 3, 2017; Jun 12, 2018; Jun 24, 2018; Jun 28, 2018; Jul 14, 2018; Jul 18, 2018; Jul 30, 2018
Ghana: Building Healthy Villages™

Ghana: Building Healthy Villages™

Discover coastal Africa and its people as you complete an eco-compost facility.

Duration: 14 days
Start Dates: Jun 22, 2018; Jul 8, 2018; Jul 24, 2018

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