What GLA Program is Ideal for Youth for Sustainable Development?

Our Dominican Republic: Building a Sustainable World™ program gives young people the chance to take action on sustainability

On this program, you'll see how youth and sustainable development go hand-in-hand. Sustainability isn't just for college grads and scientists to consider; in fact, the focus of this program is empowering young people to understand how sustainability affects everything we do in the world today.

Dr. Dave Addison, who holds a PhD in Global Sustainability, utilizes his seven elements of human security curriculum to provide context to students on how sustainability - or the lack thereof - specifically affects the most vulnerable groups in society. During nightly seminars, you'll begin to evaluate the role of natural resources in both your life and in society at-large, and start to understand the role they'll play in the future of the world.

As part of this program, you'll volunteer on a variety of projects, including construction of bottle buildings that utilize recycled materials to reinforce the structures, drawing from waste that had been piling up locally. You'll literally be turning trash into treasure, and cleaning up the local environment as a result! You will also assist in the development of reforestation systems, and the building of vertical gardens or outreach to the community on the importance of water filtration.

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