Why do you send your kids on GLA trips?

Parents like you probably wonder why you run into so many other parents who don’t understand why you’d send your teen abroad this summer. It takes a parent with the insight to say: hey, my kid will really grow from this experience, in a way that lounging on the couch or staying close to home just can’t capture. If you’re looking for an easy way to explain to other curious colleagues, friends, and family members why you’re not only ok with your decision to send your child on GLA trip this summer, but excited, this quick list can help you find the words you can’t always come up with on the spot.

1. Learning new languages is important! And no classroom experience can provide what immersion can. That's why international teen trips are so critical for language growth.

Alexis H. (GLA mother): “Immediately after the trip she was more appreciative of the modern conveniences we have in the United States. Two months later I noticed she was still working hard to improve her Spanish. The trip really encouraged her to develop her language skills and made her understand the importance of being able to communicate with others in their native language.”

2. I honestly had all the support I needed. And then some!

For Isabelle T. (GLA mother): “For both of our children, this was their first time traveling out of the country alone, and they did not speak the language.  We read reviews about GLA ahead and talked to other parents and called GLA often.  After my son's experience in Peru -- we knew it would be a great program for our daughter.  The most comforting thing to me was the blog the students wrote. Being able to follow along with what they were doing and seeing pictures brings PEACE of mind.  We knew GLA was a good decision when we saw all the happy, smiling faces, and all of the expressions of joy and discovery.”

3. This trip did more to motivate my student than anything they’ve ever done.

Joyce C. (GLA mother): “Gosh... she still talks about GLA as if it were yesterday. Fundraising for her cause (Helping Humanity), planning, getting the word spread, having newspaper articles written about her. It was incredible. I feel like it may have an impact on what my daughter decides to do in the future. She has always wanted to be a doctor; a pediatric surgeon actually! But I think this trip broadened her horizons, because now she really does have a passion for medicine and health all around the world. She has a passion for helping people - anything she can do, she wants to make the world a better place. Any college that will help her be the person she dreams to be is the right fit for her.”

4. My teen learned how to be a leader (and I didn’t even know that could be taught!)

Julia K. (GLA mother): “I hoped my daughter would experience a new culture, and gain an understanding of global challenges. The experience most notably enhanced my daughter’s leadership abilities. I believe my daughter’s experiences with GLA opened her heart and mind. My student was intellectually and emotionally energized by her experience traveling with GLA and support from the sensitive program leaders and mentors. She is considering a career in international relations or anthropology.  Her experiences with GLA fostered a passion for exploring, helping and becoming immersed in other cultures.  She has chosen schools that have programs of study that will help her explore her broad range of interests.”

Interested in sending your teen on a GLA trip?