What kind of medical summer programs for high school students are there?

There are more and more medical summer programs for high school students available to choose from, but few that put medicine in the context of communities’ needs in developing countries. Global Leadership Adventures programs in public health for teens gives students the chance to learn about the western-style health system in their country of choice, as well as the role traditional medicine plays within these communities.

If you’ve always had the dream of becoming a doctor or nurse, learning how medicine is different around the globe, in places such as rural Africa and Asia for example, can give you an edge when applying to competitive programs in college. Lots of GLA staff members have also been in the Peace Corps, and their efforts in promoting the public health in developing countries makes them the perfect mentors for you to take your passion for health care to the next level.

Sure, you can stay at home and go to a local program, but when else will you have the chance to not only learn about health care, but help to promote it in places where it’s most needed?

The other option is attending a high school medical program that is based at a university, but that can be exceedingly expensive, and you won't get to do much else besides sit in lectures and watch the front of the classroom.

This GLA student on one of our public health programs recalled why an international medical summer program for teens was the right choice, and made such an impact on him:

“I have never participated in a program that put me in contact with so many amazing and inspiring people. No matter where you go, the project GLA sets up makes a very real difference in the community you live in, and beyond.”

Interested in exploring service through medicine or public health this summer?