Questions & Answers

Q: What Is GLA Custom Group Travel?

A: Customizable programs for teachers, educators, faculty, organization leaders and others seeking to lead an engaging, educational and unforgettable trip for their class or group overseas, backed with GLA know-how and key local partnerships.

GLA Custom Group Travel works with you to develop the ideal overseas experience for your group, with either predesigned or customized itineraries. Our extensive planning process and collaboration with both group organizers and in-country staff in advance ensures we can provide a safe, welcoming environment for participants to learn, grow and challenge themselves.

Global Leadership Adventures’ partnerships span the globe, making your options endless for putting together the right program experience for your group. Our longstanding personal and professional relationships in every community that we travel to, paired with years of experience bringing diverse groups abroad to authentic, non-tourist communities, means we can deliver genuine cultural immersion and expert programmatic facilitation on the ground.

Imagine your group, class or team embarking on a journey to a small community abroad, lodging in our Home Bases in Ghana in West Africa, Spain in Europe, Costa Rica in Central America or Fiji in the Pacific. And then imagine not only the excitement of getting there, but the immersive experience you'll have on the ground, and the things you'll take back with you - individually and as a unit - at the conclusion of your journey.

We know it will be unforgettable.


Check out the GLA Custom Group Travel website or call us at 858-771-0645 to ask questions and learn more.